Most Popular Universal Root Tools for Android – Guide

Most popular universal root tools android, the Android is a great OS to have on your mobile phones. It’s open-source and gives the users an opportunity to tweak and modify it, unknowingly opening up infinite possibilities.

Most of the Android phone manufacturers do not let you access certain core files though and to increase that level of customization you need root access to your phone.

But rooting can be done in a number of ways depending on what type of Android device you’re using. So here’s a list of some pretty amazing universal root tools for Android that can work with any phone out there:

root access is not inherently a feature that one expects to easily gain access to when investing in an Android smartphone and check out APK Dungeon Hunter 6 Mod APK.

Given root capability, users can now take advantage of many new features that were forbidden before as they were prohibited because of limitations.

Some of these exclusive benefits are flashing custom ROMs, TWRP recovery, and kernel modifications.

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All in all, many wonder why rooting their phone is so highly praised due to the fact most have been scared off by the risks and dangers associated with it though the alternative would be missing out on a myriad of exciting opportunities including those which we mentioned earlier.

  1. Rooting voids your device warranty.
  2. Rooting is a complex process. People with little or no knowledge may end up bricking their device.

While nothing can be done to avoid the first reason, Most popular universal root tools android there are ways you can go about avoiding the second reason.

At some point or another almost everyone may run into a situation where they have bricked their Android device as a result of running an improper update.

Thankfully, there is usually a way to fix it with some help so don’t worry.

Just remember not hurt yourself trying to fix your phone and make sure you’re rooted either before it ends up bricking or while the device is still under warranty in case something goes wrong while trying to recovery from a rogue software update.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the most popular Universal Android Root Tools in use today. While some of these tools are one-click root methods, Most popular universal root tools android others are not and apply to a greater extent.

All of these tools are worth trying out to see if your device can be rooted with them for we have tested them extensively and support hundreds of devices from top manufacturers such as Samsung, Nexus, LG, Motorola among others.

Kingo App Root Tool KingoApp-Root-Tool 1

Kingo App Root Tool is the best Android root tool present in the world, because it roots your device with the help of a PC and also has an APK for named Kingo Root for Android (Apk root).

This app roots your android device without any difficulty. Moreover, this tool has an easy to use user interface, and records the highest root success rate. Most popular universal root tools android It can root a variety of devices from different manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony Xperia etc.

Frama root Framaroot 2

Frama root is a tool available for Android devices that allows you to root your device, which essentially un-restricts all the features that were originally restricted on your phone or tablet.

Frama root works by installing two files on your device – Super SU and SU binaries, and then rebooting. One of the best things about Frama root is that it doesn’t require root privileges to install in order to work.

Another advantage is that it’s the quickest way to do rooting: it takes less than a minute even on slow, old phones. To use Frama root, simply:

  1. Install the Frama root app.
  2. Select the action to perform (Superuser or Super SU).
  3. Select the exploit.
  4. Reboot your device.
  5. Your device will be rooted.

V Root/i Root VRoot-iRoot 3

i Root was developed by V Root, who has become so well-known in the Android rooting community that they were even invited to give a presentation at an online elite Google+ Android development workshop.

i Root supports android device root on over 8000 different models which includes popular brands like Samsung, Huawei, and Sony Xperia.

Originally intended for devices running Android version 2.2 (Froyo), Most popular universal root tools android i Root Pro has now been updated to support rooting devices through as recently as version 9.0 Pie.

To root your Android device with V Root or i Root, simply fire up v root/i root on your pc.

Then plug in your device via USB cable just for normal connection and follow their instructions step by step. You should be rooted within 15 minutes from start to finish.

  1. Backup the data from your device.
  2. Download the V Root tool for Windows PC.
  3. Turn on USB Debugging on your device.
  4. Connect your device to PC.
  5. Install your device drivers.
  6. V Root will detect your device automatically.
  7. Click “Root” to root your device.

SRS Root Tool

SRS Root is a tool that allows one-click rooting for Android devices, starting from version 1.5 up to 4.2 at the time of writing.

Rooting with SRS Root begins with downloading compatible apps from the Play store, which are then installed on a PC connected to an Android device via USB cable.

Once these apps have been installed and launched on both devices, they take care of the rest and begin installing binaries necessary for root access via ADB (Android Debug Bridge).

After this process is complete, all that’s left to do is reboot your device into fast boot mode, uninstall the previously installed apps and viola! You have an android phone or tablet running with full root capabilities.

  1. Download and install SRS Root tool software on your PC.
  2. Make a backup of your device data.
  3. Connect your device to PC.
  4. Run the SRS Root tool with administrator privileges.
  5. Click “Root”.
  6. Your device will now be granted root access.

Towel root Towelroot 4

Towel root is a universal root tool for android which can grant you root access on various Verizon and AT&T devices. It can root almost all phones that have a kernel built prior to June 3, 2014.

The rooting tool was obtained from Google’s Project-Aqua site after the security flaw in Android, which was known for not having certain patches regarding Dalvik and bin4ry’s first exploit, was revealed in the beginning of April 2014.

Please note: Towel root may not work with some devices due to issues related to the device’s storage mounting system.

If you’re using a Motorola or HTC, it might be that they’re not compatible at this time. It’s even possible that devices with Exynos chipsets might not work with Towel root just yet.

If you want to root with Towel root, then perform the below steps:

  1. Download the Towel root apk.
  2. Copy the apk to your Android device.
  3. Install tr.apk (Towel root apk) on your Android device.
  4. Launch the Towel root app.
  5. Click on “make it ra1n”.
  6. Now, your device will reboot.
  7. When rebooting completes, download Super SU zip.
  8. Unzip Super SU zip, copy and install superuser on your device.
  9. Update the SU binary if prompted.
  10. Update Super SU to the latest version from the Play Store.
  11. That’s all! You have successfully rooted your device.

Wonder Share Mobile Go WonderShare-Mobile-Go 5

Wonder share Mobile Go can root your Android phone or smartphone in one click. The Wonder share Mobile Go is easy to access and it supports various manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, HTC, Huawei, Acer, Google, Motorola, Alcatel.

And it roots over 3000 android devices of all different manufacturers which makes it the most convenient Android rooting software on the market today.

Wonder share’s Mobile Go is compatible with most Android devices running Android 2.1 and higher. It is an excellent place for managing a rooted android smartphone or tablet.

For any queries regarding our guide on the top universal rooting tools for Android-based devices, use the comment section below.

Unlock Root Program

I wasn’t able to root my Android phone this time around because the program that worked for me before turned out not to work.

This is an alternative to the V root and/or kingo app root software solution when they fail.

We’ll try out the app on newer devices to find which operating system version will run it comfortably, then refine our software for any chipsets that don’t deliver on this front as well as making sure we do a good job of checking every device in our care whether they are powered by Intel, AMD or Arm.

Root Master root-master-apk-720x360 6

Root Master is a root application that does not require a computer like Frama root does, which means you don’t have to use your PC or laptop to root your phone.

You can root this app easily and it’s another alternative if you are stuck without Frama root for some reason.

This is one of the best rooting apps right now thathas been tested to work with Tecno, Samsung, Gionee, iTel, and many other android brand phones.

How to Root Android Phones with Root Master APK

  • Download Root master APK android application from here.
  • Install the application and launch it from the home icon.
  • Click on the Tap to Root option and wait for the rooting tool to perform its magic.
  • Wait for the success message after your device might have restarted severally.
  • Install the root checker app (linked above) to confirm if your android device is now completely rooted.
  • Delete the raw APK file after rooting confirmation to save space.

iSkysoft Rooting Toolbox iSkysoft-rooting-tool 7

iSkysoft Android device rooting software is a powerful option to consider when it comes to rooting Android phones. This tool can be deployed across different operating system versions such as Android 6.0.1 and Android 7.0 Nougat, and even on other tougher versions that have unlockable bootloader support available (credit given to the team at iSkysoft).

The iSkysoft rooting toolbox is a risk-free and 100% secured rooting software from iSkysoft. It claims to be able to root over 7,000 different Android devices, but we’ve tested it on only three devices.

There are different advantages when you work with a trustworthy anti-virus application. Most popular universal root tools android By working with someone that doesn’t require constant monitoring of your computer, it allows the user to feel comfortable enough to leave the machine running on its own for days at a time.

How to Root Any Android with iSkysoft (Android Rooting) Toolbox

Similar to Wonder share Mobile Go and TunesGo, iSkysoft toolbox won’t appeal to the casual user looking for a free solution, but they do offer a free trial program that lets you use the software for 3 or 7 days depending on your specific device.

If you make an attempt to root your phone or tablet with this toolbox and it fails, iSkysoft will always let you know what’s wrong before giving up on trying to help.

There is also an included software updater with this app so users are able to keep up with any new versions that might be necessary based upon their specific version of Android.

Rooting methods are quite effective and cover lots of Android devices with ease. iSkysoft-Rooting-Tutorial 8

  • Install the official version of iSkysoft Toolbox for Android by downloading it.
  • Launch iSkysoft Toolbox by clicking on the desktop icon or via the taskbar shortcut.
  • From the options displayed; locate ==> Root and click on it.
  • Enable USB debugging on your phone or tablet device and connect it to your PC.
  • Allow iSkysoft Toolbox to detect your device and find a proper package to root it correctly.
  • Wait for the phone to reboot as many times as possible until the rooting task is completed.

Universal And root (apk) Root Tool

Universal And root is one of the most popular systems less root solutions for Android devices.

It allows users to root many different types of Android devices that use the operating system in a standalone application, and it doesn’t require having a computer for any part of the process.

There are several versions of this app available, but we recommend downloading the latest version whenever possible as its build can help you to start enjoying using this rooting solution available from Adam Harb as soon as possible depending on which Android device you’re using.

To download the latest version of Universal And root, Google search with the “Universal And root latest version download” keyword.

Note: Some of the apps below might require you to root your Android device. Most popular universal root tools android We do not condone doing so on your own unless you have some knowledge about what you’re doing.

All of the following tools have been tested on a few devices before being listed here and won’t harm your gadget if installed correctly or within its permissions.

Easy rooting toolkit (apk) App

Rooting your device is easy and simple with an app developed by DooMLoRD.

The rooting toolkit is a cutting-edge mobile application that lets you gain root access to your Android device in seconds, regardless of whether you’re using tablets or smartphones.

This rooting toolkit works well for most Android phones, so you’ll be able to get root access on older devices easily and safely.

The Rooting Toolkit can do a lot more than just give you superuser privileges quickly and easily! It’s also open source!

One of the oldest and most popular rooting apps, it’s a great tool to remove annoying ads through an one-click root.

Baidu Root [Roots with/Without a Computer]

Baidu Root, like the Towel Root APK is a versatile rooting tool that lets you gain root access to your Android devices without charging you. It has an almost impeccable record in how many users it has been able to help and how easy it is to use.

Baidu Root is an excellent Chinese app for those Android phone users who want to get more out of their devices.

Since Baidu is one of the most influential internet companies in China, it helps that they decided to release this helpful app in order to make the Android ecosystem better on a whole.

Baidu offers two services in one – one lets you root your Android device by directly using their service from within your phone.

Or you can use their software (for FREE) on a computer that you plug your phone into for the rooting process to start.

Root Genius RootGenius-300x184 10

Root Genius is a top tool for rooting Android devices that works very similarly to King Root and other superuser apps you’re probably already familiar with.

The newest version of Root Genius has been downloaded over 2,000 times at the time of writing and so far users have left almost 2,000 reviews, which have given it an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

You can download the newest version on their official website today.

It’s a secret weapon to getting root access on your device. It works better than other apps that get root with the mobile Go software like the app in #1 above.

Mobile Go is just one way to root – but it goes one step further and gives you not just root access, but plenty of applications or software tools alongside it with some technical help thrown in for good measure so if you’re looking for an alternative, Root Genius does this too but is much more streamlined.

Even though Root Genius has not received any feedback regarding rooting Tecno, Wiko, MicroMax, Gionee, lumia, Infinix and Xiaomi Android smartphones as of yet, we can verify that they’ve had success rooting a good number of handsets in the past.

TunesGo Rooting Software [not a 100% free Rooting Tool]

Tune Go root is another one of those programs that can do a little bit of everything.

And while it’s not specifically created as a rooting tool, it can still be used to give you access to the innards of your device without much effort on your part.

You’re able to use it on most devices from popular OEMs such as Google Nexus, Google Pixel, HTC, Motorola, Acer, Sony, Samsung, Huawei and more.

Wonder share tunes go roots android with a single click. Essentially, it’s a customizable music management tool for Android phones.

Part of a wide range of features that includes management and recording, so you can outsource root android to this software if you prefer to concentrate on other aspects of your IT needs.

The Wonder share TunesGo software can be used for free for 16 days after which users have the option to choose between two payment plans.

The steps of how to use this phone rooting program are the exact same as the one we described in our earlier TunesGo Android rooting review found on our website.

Is it Advisable to Root Android Phones in 2021?

No, because many of the things that make rooting a necessity have been included into most common OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) by default.

The latest Samsung, Xiaomi, and OnePlus smartphones allow the end user more freedoms than ever before to manipulate and customize their own experience on a day-to-day basis.

Features such as aggressive battery saving, call recording, call blocking, keyword blacklisting, message blocking, and unique fonts selection are now a push of a button away.

As much as possible, I don’t see the need for most people to root their phones immediately after purchase.

But unless there are some special functions you’d like to use, it can make more sense to not wait too long before rooting your new device.

One cannot deny the fact that to perform better and provide the much-needed functionality, developers need rooting their android devices. The major success of apps like Lucky Patcher, Xposed Framework, System App Remover, etc.

is a clear indication for it as these need root access to work better.


The simple steps to root your phone with the Android app or on your computer have been outlined for you. Before we get started, prepare your device by making sure it’s suitable for rooting.

And once you’ve switched on the rooting app or software you should find that your device can be accessed from any other device through a Wi-Fi network connection.

We’d also recommend that you choose a password for your new Wi-Fi network so that it doesn’t get easily accessible to anyone nearby as this could put you at risk for viruses and malware infection.

Also, check with the original developer of your rooted apps to see if there are any system updates available. And make sure you unroot when needed to reset the access rights back to their original settings.

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