Best Gaming Mouse in 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide

The best gaming mouse is one that fits your hand comfortably and performs well in your favorite games. The flow of your games will improve if you have a mouse that feels good in your hand, has the correct feature set, and has a powerful sensor. The best gaming mouse doesn’t necessarily make you more skillful, but it does allow you to show off your abilities.

You’ll be able to select the best gaming mouse for your play style, aesthetic preferences, and budget with the help of our guide. Whatever you choose, it will be more comfortable, colorful, and functional than a traditional office mouse. Models can range from extremely basic and inexpensive to high-end models with useful features like as wireless charging and a multitude of customizable buttons.

Top 05 Best Gaming Mouse in 2023

There are also daring design choices, such as bright RGB and detachable components, and some versions even have changeable weights. We’ve broken down the best gaming mouse for different uses (and users) below to help you choose the best gaming mouse for you.

Logitech G502 Lightspeed

The Logitech G502 Lightspeed is a superb weapon best gaming mouse with excellent features that is a lighter and wireless version of the famous Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum. The G502 Lightspeed is suitable for every gaming genre, thanks to Logitech’s high-CPI and power-efficient Hero sensor and a large variety of customizable buttons. Its form is familiar and comfy, and it was designed in the style of a first-person shooter. As long as the Logitech G Power Play wireless charging mouse pad is connected into a USB port, the mouse will always be charged.


  • Excellent design
  • The ability to charge wirelessly
  • Weight modification is an option.
  • It’s lighter than the original.


  • Weight correction is hampered by powerplay.
  • Costly

Razer Basilisk V3

The Razer Basilisk V3 is the most advanced best gaming mouse we’ve ever seen. Its programmable buttons, well-crafted design, and quality, textured surface make it adaptable to a variety of game genres as well as productivity tasks. The Basilisk V3’s scroll wheel is also unusual in that it can go from a tactile to a smooth, free scroll at the touch of a button or depending on how you flick it.


  • Many programmable buttons at strategic locations
  • There are many scroll wheel inputs with different modes to choose from.


  • The scroll wheel can be clumsy and annoying

Corsair Katar Pro XT

The Corsair Katar Pro XT is the best gaming mouse for you if you want a well-specced, comfortable gaming mouse at an inexpensive price. This is a lightweight mouse that’s ideal for lengthy gaming sessions and that you can easily acclimate to, weighing only 2.68 ounces. Despite the fact that this is a budget mouse, it features a beautiful, ambidextrous-shaped casing that doesn’t feel cheap. The Katar Pro XT isn’t the flashiest or unusual mouse on the market, but it’ll serve as a solid gaming partner.


  • Design that is both comfortable and familiar
  • It has no honeycomb holes and feels light.


  • The wireless variant is only a few dollars more expensive.
  • Not as light as some of the more expensive options

Glorious Model D

If you’re an FPS gamer, a lightweight best gaming mouse may significantly improve your experience, making you never want to use a “regular” mouse again. Because of its super lightweight of 2.15 ounces and ergonomic form, the Glorious Model D is the finest gaming mouse for FPS games. It’ll suit righties with a palm or claw grip, as well as smaller hands.


  • Excellent sensor and switches 
  • Lightweight 


  • Some of the buttons wiggle.
  • This is not for lefties.

Corsair Ironclaw RGB

For individuals with large palms and wide grips, the Corsair Ironclaw RGB wireless pointer (also available in wired version) is the ultimate best gaming mouse. It’s the thickest mouse in the group, with a width of 3 inches (77mm). It’s been dubbed Palmhugger because it’s so comfy for right-handed palm grips. This isn’t a light clicker, weighing in at 4.59 ounces, and FPS players may have issues with some of the design decisions, such as the button arrangement.


  • For palm grips, it’s insanely comfy.
  • High-quality sensor performance
  • Exceptional value for money
  • The arrangement of the buttons is intuitive.


  • Heavy 
  • Lacks claw/fingertip grip proficiency


When purchasing a best gaming mouse, there are three factors to consider: design, features, and pricing.

  • The design of a mouse is arguably the most essential factor to consider. In the end, the best gaming mouse is the one that feels the most natural in your hand; anything else is only a bonus. As a result, you should try holding a mouse before making a purchase. If not, think about whether you want a large or tiny mouse, one with a high profile or one with a low profile, one with a lot of extra buttons or one with a few, and so on.
  • Another thing to think about is the extra features. Wireless connectivity, adjustable weights, RGB lights, and swappable parts are among them. The basic rule is that the more features you want, the more money you’ll spend on a mouse. A wireless mouse with swappable parts can cost up to $150; a tiny mouse with only a few more buttons and maybe a light or two might cost as little as $30, or even less if you look at older versions.
  • The number of characteristics a mouse has determines its price, but there is another method to save money: buy mice from a previous generation. When a new, flashy version of a mouse is released, the price of the perfectly excellent older ones typically drops dramatically.

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