Best Printer for Chromebook 2023

If you love the idea of being able to access the internet anywhere and get the latest news Best Printer for Chromebook in 2023 , it’s time to learn more about this device that’ We purchased the best Chromebook printers compatible with, well, Chromebooks. We loaded up our Chromebooks with our photo editing software and started printing. It printed quickly and was very easy to use! A number of compatible printers have been tested, including those from Brother, Canon, Dell, HP, KINEO, Samsung, Xerox, Epson, Kod.

The top ten printers for Chromebooks for 2019 are: HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile, Canon Pixma MP830 Wireless Inkjet Printer, Brother MFC-J6610DW Multifunction Laser Printer, Epson WorkForce WF With a fast print speed of 20 pages per minute, the HP Officejet Pro L7680DW All-in-One Printer makes a great addition to any workspace, whether at home or at the office. The best wireless printer for Mac is the Canon MG-1590. It’s inexpensive, easy to set up and it works very well.

With the top three models all printing at just under $200 each, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your Chromebook look great, and there are certainly plenty of models that fit this description.

Top 3 Best Printer for Chromebook Compared 2023

1.HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile Printer

When we first saw the HP MobileJet 200 on Amazon, we were excited by its built-in battery that let you take your Chromebook printing anywhere.

With an innovative new printing system, the HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile Printer keeps up with the needs of professionals who are constantly on the go. This HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile Printer is a printing device designed to provide the ideal combination of reliability, ease-of-use, print quality and ink capacity. This wireless printer has a battery, so you don’t have to be near an electrical outlet to print out an emergency term paper or tax document from the road. HP’s new HP OfficeJet 200 mobile printer is the perfect partner to help you print off your Chromebook from anywhere, including the cloud and your laptop.

In our testing, we found that on a full charge, the OfficeJet Pro X was able to push out around 75 printed pages before running out of battery. Whether you’re a college student, a mobile professional, or a freelancer who needs to do some printing on the go, this is a must-have for your arsenal of office tools. Print speed in black and white is 15 pages per minute, and offers the duplex printing feature (or two-sided printing) as well.

HP’s OfficeJet 200 is one of the best-performing wireless printers around, especially for its size. It’s also one of the only printers that Chromebook users can recognize by simply plugging it into their device. Yes, but it’s not always about printing from one specific source. You have many more choices, so it may take some experimenting to find what works for you. And with the Canon app, you can easily print or scan photos from mobile devices using Android and iOS.


  • Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, and USB connectivity
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 50-sheet input tray


  • Lacks a USB cable
  • Heavier than some other mobile inkjets

2.Canon PIXMA iX6820

This is the kind of device you’ll want to print documents, photos and even video from the phone in your pocket or tablet.

While the Canon PIXMA iP6820 isn’t as versatile or intuitive to the novice Chromebook user as the OfficeJet 200, its low cost and extensive wireless compatibility made it a must-have in our book. HP’s premium Chromebook Pro has one of the fastest printing speeds of any device, at up to 14.5 images per minute. The Canon PIXMA iX6820 is a good choice for multiple-OS households.

You can keep your house running smoothly with the next printer from Canon—the iX6820. It’s simple to set up, easy to manage, and has features you won’t find on most other printers. The PIXMA iX6820 is a Swiss Army knife of a printer that can connect to both Macs and PCs, and you can print wirelessly to any networked printer using Google Cloud Print, AirPrint, or the PIXMA PPS app on your iOS or

Even if it doesn’t print, has NFC as a printing option, and doesn’t have duplex printing, this Cloud-ready printer is the ideal printer for the best Chromebook, and it is available on Amazon. We love using things like Google Cloud Print. You can easily store them in the cloud so if you don’t have a printer, you’ll still be able to print your documents from anywhere. You can also learn how to make an 8×10 photo card.


  • Easily prints, scans, and copies
  • Prints documents in 13 x 19 inches
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi


  • Single paper tray
  • No duplexer

3.HP OfficeJet 3830 All-in-One Printer

The Epson WorkForce Pro-8760DN has an easy-to-use touchscreen that allows you to make adjustments to print from any smartphone, tablet or

The HP OfficeJet 3830 is a great alternative to premium printers like the OfficeJet 200. It’s great for basic printing, scanning and copying needs. If you want a multifunction printer that will print directly to the cloud and have high-quality scanning capabilities, the HP OfficeJet 3830 is the ideal option for your home or office. It’s capable of printing, scanning, faxing and copying as well as providing the highest levels of security.

It’s very versatile, even cooler still, the OfficeJet 3830 also comes equipped with HP’s proprietary HP Instant Ink system, which will automatically order new ink cartridges straight to your door whenever the printer detects it’s starting to run low.

Your kids will love this new service, and it will save them a ton of time, especially during the busy back-to-school season. You’ll never run out of ink with this Chromebook-compatible printer.

It’s also one of the only printers in this price range (under $100. that offers a 35-sheet automatic document feeder. If you’re looking for a fast, cheap, and easy-to-operate photo printer for your Chromebook, look no further than the HP’s smart app is really cool. It’s easy to print photos. This Windows and OSX-compatible printer is also available on Amazon. When you’re choosing your next printer for your home, look for something that prints fast and prints well, because if it doesn’t.

It’s a versatile multi-purpose printer, so if your printer needs don’t include printing, scanning, and faxing, then the Samsung Xpress M2020W may be the right printer for you. It’s simple to set up and use. The included software for Windows makes it easy to configure the printer, and it’s ready to go after installation.

This printer is also Cloud-ready. Another is the Brother HL-2350DW laser printer with high-quality prints and printing speeds of up to 32 pages per minute. It has a duplex printing ability as well. The printer is convenient for printing directly from the cloud, and the wireless and USB connections allow it to connect to a variety of devices.

Finally, there’s the Canon TS9120 Wireless Printer with a scanner and copier that works with Alexa, has a 5-inch LCD touch screen, and offers hassle-free Bluetooth and cloud printing. You can print from all your favorite devices because it lets you connect to WiFi and Bluetooth, allowing you to print from a range of devices.


  • Auto-document feeder
  • AirPrint, HP ePrint and Wi-Fi Direct
  • Prints through the cloud


  • No Ethernet
  • Slow for business applications

How We Choose

Because the list of printers that are actually compatible with Chromebooks is so small, it was really no trouble at all to find the best of the best from that tiny list. With so many different types of Chromebooks to choose from, there are lots of options to look at. We decided to choose the ones that have the most value for what you get, and also the least amount of complexity and price.

The best printer for a Chromebook should, at the very least, have Wi-Fi printing and color printing support, as well as an easy setup that allows you to adjust monochrome printing settings. Compatibility with other cloud services is a benefit. The addition of a scanner makes this extra functionality a must have, which can sometimes be a problem since Chromebooks are considered a budget laptop choice, though the Canon still sports one at a decent price.

We chose three printers that work either via the Chrome Web Store or can be plugged into a wall socket, as well as print pictures or text at high speeds. The best printers for Chromebooks don’t just have good prices and affordable monthly maintenance plans, they also offer a combination of features that don’t break the bank.

Features to Look for in the Best Printer for Chromebook

These are the best criteria for choosing a printer for Chromebooks.

Google Cloud Print-ready

Most Chromebooks don’t support third-party drivers. Instead, they use Google Cloud Print, which allows them to connect the printer wirelessly. You can get a list of compatible Google printers at.

Color printing

Most printers come with color printing, whether you want it or not. Get the right printer for the job you want it to do, and don’t settle for one that doesn’t perform up to your expectations. Ink cartridges last a long time if they’re in good condition, so it’s best to buy the best cartridges available.

For a look at great printers with color options, check out the Canon Pixma E477 vs HP DeskJet 2723.
But, you’ll want to look into the top-tier printers with cheap ink to save on ink.

Print speed

The speed a printer can print on is measured in PPMs, which is a metric that tells you how many pages can be printed per minute. On average, for black and white printing, you should look for printers that are about 20 PPMs, while color printers should be about 16 PPMs.

  • Of course, the best photo printer times will vary.
  • And, if you’re using a portable printer, it might take a bit longer.

Who Should Buy a Chromebook Printer

Chromebooks are gaining popularity for their ability to do a lot more than basic tasks without any bells and whistles or frills. They can give you all the functionality of your desktop or laptop computer, but much cheaper and at a more manageable price. With all the different devices and printers out there, simplicity doesn’t always translate between them. Chomebooks don’t come with a built-in printer, but you can print to your HP laserjet and more.

There are still many ways to manage the information in your office or business, and it’s not always possible to work without having some kind of printout. If you need to print something from your laptop, make sure that you choose a printer that can seamlessly work with your device, whether it’s a Chromebook or any other type of laptop/desktop.

Mistakes to Avoid

Buying monochromatic on accident

When you’re shopping for an inkjet printer, look for a color version that offers a lot of extras, such as: a scanner, a fax, and even wireless connectivity. Generally, monochrome (black-and-white) printers are much cheaper than color printers, and only print in black and white. The first step for upgrading your printer would be to purchase a whole new unit.

Skimping on ink quality

Spending money on inkjet cartridges is not something you should have to worry about. Spend money on quality products, and you’ll get more ink for the same price. This is a very important step because there are times when it’s better to use a generic cartridge and others when using a certified one. I recommend the HP cartridges over the Canon ones.

Which Best Printer for Chromebook Is Right For You?

Most Chromebooks can print pretty well, but it depends on the operating system. If you want to print from your Chromebook to your computer, you’ll need to look for a printer that’s compatible with Google OSes. These printers are cheaper than the other top brands, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise your printing quality. Each model will come with Google’s Cloud Print, and it’s easy to configure.

With so much paper work and the need to get tasks done while on the move, the best solution for students and road warriors is the OfficeJet 200. It’s great for copying, scanning, faxing and even printing your notes and projects. The HP Envy 4520 printer is a better choice for someone who prints many photos from home, while the Canon G7720 scanner / copier will work well for those in need of a low-cost scanner.

If you want to learn about all aspects of printers, such as how to set up a wireless printer, how to fax from a printer, or how to connect a printer to a computer, then read the info article.

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