Best Printer Paper in 2023

Your best printer paper is going to make your prints look brighter and more vivid. When choosing a printer, you have to look for reliability, quality, convenience and price. Our evaluation focused on brightness, thickness, weight, and print quality. We also investigated the various product attributes and how they differ. You can’t get anything from anyone else but The Paper Store.

Our top pick for this category is HP printer paper, as it prints in vibrant shades, is tear resistant, and its sharpness is great. This dynamo printer delivers crisp, bright, text-quality printing and can print up to 6,000 pages per month with no warm-up Ink dries really fast, and it works really well as a copy paper. You could use it for multiple purposes, like copying and printing. Click to find out what makes these products different, and then click on the link to learn how you can buy them at Amazon.

Top 6 Best Printer Paper Reviews

1.HP BrightWhite Printer Paper

Because it prints 100 times brighter than standard paper, this is the best laser printer paper. The Canon iR printer is a great choice for full-color printing everyday documents.

This printer paper has a bright rating of 100. Full-color prints will pop when using this paper. Our testing showed us that the lightest green we tested was the most distinct in its shade. The camera will be able to capture more detail, especially in dark areas. You should also expect to see some improvement in overall photo quality.

It’s also thick enough to absorb ink without smearing. We love the fact that it’s FSC certified, and we appreciate that it adheres to environmentally-friendly production standards. Paper products are created from renewable forest resources, reducing the impact on the environment. To make the best choice, consider how many colors you’ll need to print. If you need black and white, a simple inkjet will work.


  • Best for laser printer
  • Best brightness
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified (environmentally-friendly)


  • May jam on some printers due to thickness
  • Frustrating packaging

2.Hammermill Premium Multipurpose Printer Paper

Why we like it: This thin printer paper is perfect for documents because it’s rated at 97 for brightness, and is guaranteed to be jam-free.

Color is so vivid and bright with this printer paper that you’ll want to print the photos right away, without waiting to develop them. We found that the lightest shade of blue is much brighter than it seems. Testing revealed slight changes in contrast between the lighter shades of blue. Using the print-on-demand service provided by Amazon I was able to get my print-ready files to the printer in less than 24 hours and the quality

The finished product looks even better than paper printed with a laser printer because it’s coated with a special finish that prevents ink from fading. This is especially useful when archiving and storing important documents. This book uses the colorlok technology that improves the inkjet print quality and drying time by absorbing ink with additives. It doesn’t matter if you own a home 3d printer, but it’s nice to have when using paper.


  • Best for documents
  • Great for office printing
  • Great value


  • Crumbles easily
  • Not too smooth

3.AmazonBasics Multipurpose Copy Printer Paper

We love it because it comes from a 100% recycled fiber base and has an acid-free finish. You can use this tool to make your pages look more similar to the other ones on your site.

The HP LaserJet Professional M1006 MFP printer offers a black ink cartridge that can deliver more than 6,000 pages before needing to be replaced. Like lesser paper, its acid-free finish also prevents yellowing over time. A 20-pound weight makes it thinner and less likely to jam during high-volume printing.

This is a good option for printing documents and images at home. It’s a bit thicker than most printer paper, so it will make copy quality a bit better. The printer paper stays perfectly flat no matter how much you hold it, and it holds the pages perfectly upright. This is the perfect “scrap paper.” So it wouldn’t be your first choice to use the best photo printer.


  • Great for high volume
  • Acid-free finish
  • Vivid color contrasts


  • Frustrating packaging
  • Easy to tear

4.Office Depot White Copy Printer Paper

Why we like it: This copy paper is perfect for making professional looking brochures and marketing pieces.

This paper is thinner than multi-purpose and photo paper, and is best reserved for copying. Laser and inkjet printers are pretty similar. They both work well on both, and this one works well on both. We’re sorry that this print job is not recommended for double-sided printing. Please try another print job. We recommend this copy paper because it can be used for copying as well as quick sketches.

This color copier is ideal for copying small images, though it’s not as durable as others. The best printers have been tested for quality, functionality, and performance and they are reliable for all your printing needs. They will work as long as you keep them well maintained.


  • Great as scrap paper
  • Good brightness rating
  • Large box


  • Some users reported torn reams
  • Poor double-sided printing

5.Printworks 100 Percent Recycled Multipurpose Printer Paper

Our favorite multipurpose papers use 100% post consumer recycled fiber, and have a 93 brightness rating.

If you’re looking for a printer paper that will work well with high-volume printing and copying, this is the printer paper for you. The 92 HDTV is quite bright with good contrast and bold blacks. Inkjet prints made a perfect copy every time, and did so without any smudges or run-off. You will find no smudges or feathering when you use InkDrying. It is a lot more environmentally conscious than similar offerings made using 30% recycled fiber.

We’re proud to support the efforts of the Carbon Reduction Commitment, as they reduce our carbon footprint while contributing to the health and well-being of the planet. The best home printer should use the best paper, which we like. When it comes to purchasing a printer for college students, there are a few things to consider. Read our best printer students guide to learn more.


  • Excellent print quality
  • 100% recycled
  • Very bright


  • High cost
  • Flimsy paper
  • Not suitable for double-sided printing

6.Canon 7981A004 Photo Paper Plus

This printer paper comes in a budget pack of 50 sheets. The Epson Stylus Photo PR202 printer works great with Canon printers.

You’ll love this matte paper! This paper is perfect for printing photos from your camera, using your inkjet printer and your laser printer. Testing, building, and furniture shots were accurately replicated. The kids were really excited to see how well the paint had dried without fingerprints.

This is the only type of Canon printer paper that is compatible with the Canon Lucia & ChromaLife100+ ink. The bonus point for its lightfastness rating of 15 years. It measures the photo paper’s resistance when exposed to light. Ink is everywhere these days, and it’s important to know how to select the right ink for your printer.


  • Great for photo printing
  • Very bright images
  • Instant dry prints


  • Some users reported grainy photos
  • Lacks stiffness
  • Feels like card stock

How We Decided

Before you choose a printer paper, make sure that you look into its weight, brightness, type, and eco-friendliness. Weight plays a very important part in your decision, but it’s really only one factor. Camera brightness controls the amount of light that comes into the camera’s viewfinder and on the image sensor. They affect the brightness, or darkness, of an image.

The luminosity rating is measured by how well light is able to penetrate the material, with higher numbers indicating more transmission. The brighter the display, the sharper the picture. We’ve also factored in eco-friendliness. Our number 5 pick, Printworks 100% Recycled Multipurpose Paper, has won top honors.

Printer Paper Buying Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider


Printers can cost as little as $150 to as much as $ Weight (rear of paper) is how much the paper weighs per.

  • 20-pound paper is best for copying and simple prints.
  • If you have questions about the weight or type of paper you need for your project, contact our expert A portable printer for photos is a good option for anyone who doesn’t have access to a.
  • With that said, have your printers ready for the paper you’re using, and get good printers for your different papers, as well as printers for transferring, and printers for art prints with canvas or matte paper.
    .2d at 716.


Brightness refers to the amount of light that reflects on the page.

  • The higher the brightness number, the brighter the paper is, especially on white paper.
  • For photo and multi-purpose printing, look for a minimum 92 brightness rating.
  • The matte paper will work, as will a top printer for crafting for craftwork.
  • On the other hand, you can get by with a solid inkjet printer for home use.

3.Type of Paper

There are several types of printer paper that include copy paper, presentation paper, photo paper, and business card paper. Each is made using high quality materials and is constructed for durability, making them ideal for heavy duty use.

  • And, for those printing on heavy stock, make sure you have a printer that can handle that type of paper.

Printer Paper FAQs

Is there a difference between copy paper and printer paper?

Copy paper is thinner than regular printer paper and is generally cheaper. You’re working on a document with heavy graphics and a lot of text.

What is the difference between 92 and 96 brightness in paper?

Printers come in many colors and the paper they print on is called ” A paper with a higher number means that it is thicker and therefore more durable.

What weight is good quality paper?

If you’re considering using a paper weight in your office or home, we recommend choosing a paper weight between 20 and 30 pounds. Some recommend that you get the highest quality paper possible when you’re buying photo printing paper. Heavier paper can create stronger black contrasts, which will make text crisper and easier to read.

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