22bet Mobile App – The features that make the app the go-to option for online bettors

Although some online bettors have the chance to use an iGaming operator that is regulated by the gambling authority in their own country, they prefer to use the services of a bookie/casino that is available in several states. One of the best international online betting companies is 22bet, and it is often the go-to option for punters. Besides the fact it offers a variety of betting products, 22bet is also mobile-friendly. Thanks to the apps for Android and iOS, you no longer need to use a computer if you don’t want to.

Although 22bet’s mobile app might seem like any other betting application, several things make it special. That’s why we’ve decided to point out some of the features you can expect to find once you put it to the test.

In-Play betting

Although this feature is common among other iGaming operators, 22bet’s live betting options are on another level. Once you learn that after visiting Silentbet, you can get the newest version of the 22bet betting app which is developed for Android and iOS, you will see that the app allows you to wager on live events. In other words, you can place a bet even if there are a few minutes left until the specific match finishes. 


Building a bet


People who like punting on certain sports know that the more popular options usually provide more markets. Some of them might not have good odds, but many of the most advanced sports offer plenty of options that have attractive numbers. Sadly, betting on them is risky, which is why some people decide to avoid them.


The good news is that 22bet for Android and iOS has a solution. The application offers a feature known as Bet Builder, which allows punters to choose multiple markets from one event. Once their new bet is ready, it will have higher odds than usual.

Special Bets

One of 22bet’s mobile apps hidden features allows people to place special bets. Even though people like wagering on sports, there are cases where they want to experience something different. That’s why many of the leading online betting platforms offer them the option to place special bets.

The number of options and the markets you can choose from depends on many things, such as the time of the year, the date, etc. 22bet has some of the most interesting special bets because you can punt on things, such as whether aliens exist.

Long Bets

The long bets are not new in the iGaming industry because many bookmakers allow you to take advantage of them. However, if you check the newest version of 22bet’s mobile apps for Android and iOS from Silentbet, you will see that this is one of the few bookies that allows you to place long bets even while being on the go. 

There are different kinds of long-term bets, but most are related to the potential winner of a given event.

Live Results

Despite the fact that pre-match betting is popular among casual sports bettors, some people prefer to wager on live matches. That’s why 22bet’s mobile application offers a feature called live results. Since the operator does not offer a live-streaming function, this feature helps bettors keep track of the in-game stats.

Better odds

The final feature that makes 22bet one of the preferred options for mobile betting is called Enhanced odds. This is a feature that is accessible to mobile app users who want to punt on sports. Although this thing is not available for every sport and event, 22bet’s Android and iOS app will provide you with several matches with higher odds than usual.

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