4 Best Recruitment Strategies for Your Remote Workforce

4 Best Recruitment Strategies for Your Remote Workforce, with the COVID19 outbreak, the companies have shifted remotely to enjoy continuous business workflow.

Though we have entered into an era where the hybrid work model is more prioritized, there are organizations that still want to continue with the remote workforce.

This article is definitely for them! Here we won’t discuss the advantage of utilizing workforce management applications.

Instead, we are more into how these applications can be leveraged for crafting the best remote recruitment strategy.  

Recent Statistics

According to Gartner, 32% of employees are working remotely this year, which is a steep rise from the 17% of remote employees in 2019. Obviously, the rate will increase due to the pandemic outbreak and will grow in the upcoming years as well. 

Gartner’s report even added that the remote workers vary considerably and also depend upon the industries they belong to.

Obviously, the remote working facility is useless for healthcare workers and utility workers. Similarly, you can expect the team of IT individuals to stay remote and continue with their job. 

Based on Gartner’s survey, 31% of workers will be remote in 2022. This includes 53% of the US workforce, 52% of the UK and Europe workforce, and 37% and 33% of Germany and France workforce.

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However, the percentage of remote workers in India and China will be lower than in other countries. 

This shows how it is pivotal to focus more on remote workforce recruitment strategy.

Steps to craft best recruitment strategy for a remote workforce

Create engaging job ads:

Remote recruitment is almost similar to in-office recruitment. However, there should be a slight change when you are creating ads for your remote candidate.

To run an engaging advertisement for your remote employees, start creating good job listings, integrate job descriptions videos, and add a personal touch to attract potential candidates.

The video clips are best to explain the work culture and engage the applicants for a better talent pool.

Make sure you don’t forget to add branding effect in your video to highlight your brand and enhance the brand presence while creating recruitment work from home jobs.

Run a structured recruitment process:

Next important step is to run a well-structured recruitment process. Creating a systematic recruitment and onboarding process is what we usually follow while recruiting in-office potential candidates.

You need to perform the same when it comes to remote workforce recruitment.

The recruitment and selection process needs to be consistent throughout. You should have a proper idea about the steps you will follow.

Usually, there are multiple interviews, but you need to understand which interview should come after which one.

For example, you can’t have the technical round after the HR round. There has to be some system. You need to determine the stages and take action accordingly.

Here you can use the best applicant tracking system to track down your remote prospects and smartly run the recruitment process.

It is better to validate with the software quality assurance to understand the efficiency of the product in terms of its productivity.

Conduct remote interviews for candidates:

The pandemic has made us learn how to take remote interviews for potential candidates. Isn’t it? Moreover, the technologically-advanced tools have made the process more convenient for the recruiters.

You can easily conduct interviews for your prospects using recruitment and onboarding management software.

Be it a written interview or the final technical rounds that required more recruiters, you can easily use the video option to have a face-to-face interview. You don’t require to be in person. You just require the right tool for the person.

Collaborate with your team:

Collaborating with your team is essential when you are recruiting a remote candidate for any specific job role. For example, a manager should discuss the new candidate with the team leaders and vice versa to gain more opinions and points of view.

Therefore, team collaboration and coordination ensure a better workflow and a smoother recruitment process. Keep your team informed about the recruitment and selection process.

You can use the notifications, remarks, and integrations for better efficiency. Remember, your team is also working remotely. 4 Best Recruitment Strategies for Your Remote Workforce Unless and until you keep them aligned, it is hard to complete the remote recruitment process.

Final Thoughts

Are you prioritizing remote workforce strategy? Share more work-from-home jobs in the recruitment platform and follow the aforesaid remote recruitment strategy. 

Choose the proper workforce management applications so that you don’t find any difficulty managing your remote workforce compared with your in-office workforce.

You need to make changes in your work strategy to overcome the challenges in your business and embrace the perks associated with it.

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