A Smart Guide to Designing the Best Canopy Tent

In this highly competitive market, it is pretty challenging to stand out from the rest. That is why it is of pivotal importance to focus on creating eye-catching custom canopy tents that can instantly grab audience attention. Come up with creative and innovative ideas while customizing your canopy tents. According to Wikipedia, a pop-up canopy tent is a shelter, but it is collapsible to a portable size. You cannot simply opt for a rectangular graphic or picture and get it printed on your canvas. You may consider the way the canvas would fit your tent frame and sit on it. Let us explore and follow some of the tried and tested tricks shared by experts in the trade.

Choose the Appropriate Colors for Maintaining Brand Consistency 

The chief purpose of customizing your canopy is to grab customer attention and motivate them to learn relevant details about your brand. Your tent design and colors should be consistent with your brand logo and other official signs. In exceptional cases, you may opt for tent colors that seem to be relevant to the event. However, on most occasions, it is a wise idea to stick to your precise brand colors. It is an effective way of boosting brand consistency and customer brand loyalty. You may focus on maintaining consistency from one event to another for coming up with a cohesive look. 

Coloring is of Prime Importance

Coloring is crucial to the success of a customized canopy tentRemember that the printer has color limitations. Colors that appear on your monitor look far richer and stunning than can be produced. Now look for a color code of universal Pantone color code for complementing your brand-specific guidelines.

Pantone is a reputed company known for designing color codes for every type of medium, including paint, paper, or even digital codes. Their chief task is making sure that all color tones look the same on whatever medium they are custom printed on.

Know the Specific Purpose or Objective of Your Canopy

The most critical step in customizing your canopy tent design is identifying and understanding the purpose of creating the tent. You should realize that printed canopy tents are often designed to be transported from one event to another to boost brand awareness and exposure. They look quite different from custom-tailored tents that are created for covering specifically a particular annual event. If you intend to use your custom tent in multiple locations, it is best to incorporate a general message. For instance, a custom canopy tent with a logo seems to be the ideal choice since it is capable of boosting brand recognition while staying flexible and versatile enough to fit into any type of event you are participating in.

On the contrary, if your custom tent is for a specific occasion or event, it is best to use a customized message. For instance, you may use a pink ribbon all along your logo to demonstrate a charity event for breast cancer awareness.


Creativity is the key to success. Be creative and innovative in your approach. You may focus on the right graphics and accurate information.

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