A Spa Day Out By Ishine365

In these modern days, lives are hectic, busy, and stressful most of the time. Maintaining a work-life balance can be extremely difficult at times and most of us ignore ourselves and our health for work. In these times, heading off for a reviving spa day or break can be a perfect opportunity to relax. If you’re a first-timer or hundredth timer, there are some spa etiquettes that you need to follow. The spa is not only an investment in your time but it’s also an investment in your wallet so you should try to get the most of it. Most importantly, you need to figure out what treatment best fits your needs. Then find out the best spa in your city and don’t waste any time booking your appointment. In this blog, Ishine365 is going to share some tips regarding your spa day out.

What to Wear and What to take along?

A spa day out is all about getting relaxed. So wear something very comfortable like luxury swimwear. You can take along an additional swimwear, one for swimming/sauna and the other to have your treatments in. Also, take a pair of slippers or flip-flops. Also, ask the spa while booking your appointment if they provide robes and towels and if they have a dress code. If they don’t provide these, you’ll need to take these along. As spa time is all about enjoying yourself so you can take books or magazines to read. You can take your friends with you to have a good chat. It’s similarly important to respect other people’s time and experience in the spa. 

It is not good manners generally to bring your mobile phone to a spa as it is a perfect place to carry out a short digital detox. But if you need to bring it, make sure to put on earphones while listening to music and put your phone in silent mode.

Timing and Therapist

Always arrive for your spa treatment 15 minutes earlier to check in, put on the robe, and fill out the consultation form. If available, it’s always nice to use the sauna, pool, shower, and steam room before your treatment as this helps you open up your pores and relax the muscles. Moreover, it’s very important to communicate with your therapist. He/she will always appreciate hearing about your pressure preferences, problem areas, or questions as it will help him to give you the best experience. 

Dos of a spa day

Stretching will warm up your muscles before a massage. Having a shower before treatment helps you detoxify faster and opens your pores. Avoid caffeine because it can make you nervous, preventing you from relaxing and enjoying your treatment. Drink plenty of water to avoid nausea or dehydration. Turn off your mobile phone to avoid interruption. Get undressed up to your comfort level. If you don’t want to get fully undressed, then this is completely fine. 

Don’ts of a spa

Don’t work out before your spa session. It will create tension in your muscles, which will make it difficult for your therapist to make you feel comfortable. Avoid wearing jewelry, as it can get in your way of treatment and can also get covered in products. Don’t suffer in silence. Speak if you’re uncomfortable. 

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