An Exclusive Guide for Beginners to Become a Top Rated Upwork Freelancer


Becoming a top-rated freelancer on Upwork is not so complicated or hectic. But, it needs time or consistency in your work. Before going further, we should clear the picture of the meaning of Top rated. A top-rated status indicates your quality of work, the time you give your client, and a consistent work history on Upwork.

If you are a beginner in this field, you need to meet all these program requirements to make yourself a top-rated Upwork freelancer. Also, acquiring this status can help you generate more money as clients trust your work and you. Other than this, Deepak Shukla can also guide you in this aspect with the best knowledge of working on Upwork for years.

Become More Truthful In Front of Your Clients

When you are searching for work on Upwork, beg the clients by working on a minimum amount. Write everything about yourself so that a trusting relationship builds between you and your client. Also, write about your past work history and also take care to deliver every project on time. It states your punctuality and efficiency.

After submitting their projects, ask for feedback on your work. It also helps to achieve success because you can rate your work accordingly. Finally, create a robust profile with a clear picture of yours so that the clients can recognize you by name and connect afterward.

Raise Your Rate Eventually

When you acquire experience by working for a few years, raise your hourly rate gradually. This will increase your income in the freelancing business. In addition, this will upskill your persona professionally, and the clients can get to trust your work easily. Many freelancers raise their hourly rate often, but doing this will not make you create a better image to your client’s eye because you are paid for your work, and if they are not satisfied with your work, they will never come to you again. It will also help you in becoming a top-rated Upwork freelancer.

Rate Yourself through Upwork Rating System

Manage a Job Success Score on Upwork, and track your rating accordingly. To become a top-rated Upwork freelancer, you need solid scoring, which Upwork itself does for you. Maintain a rising talent status, which will give you a score of 90% for a minimum of 16-18 weeks of the year. It will help you succeed in reaching the top rate provided by the clients.

Moreover, be available for the maximum hours on Upwork so that anybody can contact you quickly to get their work done. You can also earn more money or double your income within a year by following this excellent guide.

Win High Paying Clients on Upwork

If you are a writer, getting high-paying clients after 7-8 of experience is not a daunting task as SEO writers are more in demand on many freelancing platforms. In addition, many companies need SEO experts, as they can earn more money from content. So, try to nurture your SEO skills to get more high-paying and consistent clients on Upwork.

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