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Roswell, New Mexico Season 4


A new science fiction drama television show in the United States has been developed and given the working title Roswell, New Mexico. It was developed for The CW by Carina Adly Mackenzie, and on January 15, 2019, it made its debut on television during the midseason portion of the season. This is the second time that Melinda Metz’s Roswell High book series has been adapted into a television show. The show was picked up for a third season by The CW in January of 2020, and the premiere date has been set for July 26, 2021. The show was given a renewal for a fourth season in February 2021, just prior to the beginning of its third season; the fourth season of the show began airing on June 6, 2022. In May of 2022, it was disclosed that the fourth season would be the show’s final installment.

After moving back to her birthplace in Roswell, New Mexico, the daughter of undocumented immigrants discovers that the boy she had a secret crush on as a teenager is actually an alien who has spent his entire life keeping his otherworldly abilities a secret. She conceals his identity even as they reacquaint themselves with one another. The politics of fear and hatred, on the other hand, threaten to expose him when a horrific attack on Earth exposes the existence of a bigger alien presence here.

Roswell, New Mexico Season 4



  • Jeanine Mason as Liz Ortecho
  • Nathan Dean as Max Evans
  • Michael Vlamis as Michael Guerin
  • Lily Cowles as Isobel Evans
  • Tyler Blackburn as Alex Manes
  • Heather Hemmens as Maria DeLuca
  • Michael Trevino as Kyle Valenti
  • Trevor St. John as Jesse Manes (seasons 1–2)
  • Karan Oberoi as Noah Bracken (season 1; guest season 2)
  • Amber Midthunder as Rosa Ortecho (seasons 2–present; recurring season 1)

Release Date

Jun 6, 2022

Download Roswell, New Mexico Season 4: with BBFly CW Downloader

Download Roswell

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