10 Benefits of Walking, Plus Safety Tips and More

Exercise is good for just about everything, but walking in particular can have some very special benefits. Walking improves your heart health, reduces the risk of diabetes and high cholesterol, wards off fatigue by getting blood circulating to all corners of your body, helps you sleep better, and much more.

What’s more? It’s something anyone can do – walking is easy, free and doesn’t require any equipment or a lot of space. It’s also very accessible: walking tracks and walking paths (both indoor and outdoor) are everywhere.

Benefits of walking

1- Shed pounds

One study found that walking speed was the single most important predictor of weight loss. If walking at a brisk or fast pace, you can expect to burn about 200 calories an hour. Even walking for as little as one hour per day could help you shed those extra pounds and allow you to keep them off.

2- Reduce the risk of chronic disease

Walking is good for your heart and it reduces the risk of diabetes and high cholesterol. You can also improve your blood pressure and lower your risk of stroke.

3- Lower stress levels

Walking is a great way to relax and decompress. It can lift your mood, reduce anxiety and help you sleep better at night. Additionally, walking with a friend has been shown to be even more effective at reducing stress and improving mood.

4- Promote a better night’s sleep

Getting enough exercise is important for your overall health, including helping you get a good night’s rest. One study found that walking for an hour prior to bedtime can improve sleep quality. Another study on older men who walked during the day saw improvement in sleep quality, mood and walking speed.

5- Boost your brain power

Walking is great for your brain! Just 30 minutes of walking four times a week can lead to improved thinking skills and processing speed in older adults with memory complaints. The walking group was even able to improve their performance on tests of information recall. “We think walking may lead to new neurons in the hippocampus, the brain’s memory center, or improve connections between existing neurons,” said Denise Park, professor of behavioral and brain sciences at the University of Texas Dallas.

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6- Increase bone density

Walking is essential for maintaining healthy bones as you age. A study found that walking just 30 minutes a day for six months was enough to increase bone density in the hip and spine of participants over age 50.

7- Reduce symptoms of depression

Walking can be a good way to help manage depressive symptoms, such as feelings of sadness and loss of interest or pleasure in things that were once enjoyed. One study looked at walking on a treadmill for 20 minutes at a walking pace of two miles per hour. Participants had significant improvements in mood after walking, compared to walking on a hand-held video game or sitting quietly.

8- Strengthen your immune system

Exercise can strengthen your immune system and help you fight off colds and other infections. Exercising in the morning, rather than the evening, may also be better for immune function.

9- Keep your joints healthy

Exercise can help keep your joints from wearing out as you age. According to a study from Finland, walking or bicycling instead of driving or using a car can cut down on disability caused by knee osteoarthritis.

10- Boost your mood and promote a positive outlook

Walking can make you happier and more optimistic, as well as promoting better relationships with others. Walking outdoors is even more beneficial; walking in nature has been shown to provide the most mental health benefits. “Green walking” programs are now starting to pop up around the world. 


The walking exercise is a great way to reduce the risk of chronic disease, lower stress levels, promote a better night’s sleep, boost your brain power as well as increasing bone density and reducing depression. You can also walk at home by watching YouTube videos on Walk exercise or view the below video.

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