BenQ SW271 27 Inch 4K HDR IPS Monitor

BenQ SW271 27 Inch 4K HDR IPS Monitor, BenQ is one of the leading names for making computer electronics, especially monitors.

If you are in search of an awesome display monitor that is not only competent towards precise coloration but also delivers smooth fluid-like motion in all respects, this BenQ SW271 27’’inches screen is at your service. It’s loaded with multiple features and the durability comes as a bonus! Let’s find out what it has to offer you more.

Display and Screen Size

Its 27’’-inches display and ultra-high-definition screen are best for picking precise and minor details. The larger screen area definitely lets your eye travel with freedom.

Its UHD display with the 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution lets out the natural and crystal-clear image formation no matter if you are browning regularly, playing games, or editing the photos.

HDR and 99% Adobe RGB Color Gamut

The HDR-compatible design instantly enhances the images and gives that sharper touch for bright and clear output. It readily uplifts the range between the blacks, and whites therefore your sight picks the most realistic and perfect images on the screen.

For professionals, this monitor has been engineered with the 100% rec.709 and DCI-P3 color spaces which ensure a wider color gamut. The color blending is again a superlative feature of this monitor with the delta E ≤ 2 configurations.

Design, Technology, and Performance

This monitor instantly gives a durable and solid impression throughout its performance. The durability in stand, frame and material usage certainly value your choice.

As for its performance, the IPS screen enhances colors, viewing angles which become best when you are streaming online, playing games, or even working/browsing.

But for professionally working anticipation IPS screen is what you will find a helpful feature at the wide viewing angle of 178 degrees either vertically or horizontally. 

If you are a Photoshop or video editor, the color with 99% Adobe RGB coverage becomes the ultimate parameter that backs up your high-end editing tasks.

This is an excellent 4k monitor for photo editing when you anticipate the photo editing screen. Its innovative and advanced black and white modes let you preview your effort in film effect before you make the final adjustment to the photo.

Its GamutDuo feature is again a remarkable addition that enables you to see the same image in two diverse color gamuts simultaneously. It is best when you want to do a picture comparison.

Hardware Calibration, Factory Calibration, and Calibration Software

Hardware calibration of BenQ SW271 gives you the privilege to set the internal image processing chip without getting too complex or changing the graphics card output.

It makes things hassle-free and swift. Also, the factory calibration report is a worth mentioning feature that comes especially for photo editors. 

The precise and detailing report gives you a fuller insight into colors and color accuracy. The software calibration offers you to move a step ahead for color adjustment to get the finest results. You can set the Palette Master Element and a calibrator for premium color settings anytime you want.


The innovative design and advanced-level performance become pretty much swift with the availability of its USB TYPE-C port that never delays the data transmission approach.

It let out the 600MHz video bandwidth and responsive output. You get the blazing fast 5Gbps transfer speed rate and the freedom to stream 4K content.

Preset Hotkeys

You’ll appreciate its preset hotkey that offers quick mode changing and brings your task on tips. BenQ SW271 27 Inch 4K HDR IPS Monitor No need to go into complex functionality and choose the color mode or feature with the built-in shortcut keys!

Shading Hood

Unlike regular display monitors, BenQ comes with an exclusive shading hood that gives you the best working approach when you are working on a dedicated task.

Additionally, the durability of the shading hood is pretty strong. The detachable hood ensures to eliminate the screen glare from the lighting plus you can work smoothly without becoming a reason to catch anyone’s attention on what you are doing.


  • Durable and high-quality design
  • Advance black and white mode
  • Shading hood prevents screen glare
  • DR supported and high-end features
  • 4K content streaming


  • Light bleeds from the top right corner
  • Its Palette Master Element software is needs improvements

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