Best Closed Captioning Services

When selecting the best-closed caption services, you must carefully plan and review them. Here are some factors to consider when choosing your provider to give you the best turnaround time for your video captions.  

How Fast Will My Closed Caption File be Delivered?

Time is of the essence when you want to get your video out there for the world to see. So, turnaround times vary with different captioning services. It can be a few hours to weeks, and if you’re in a hurry needing it captioned in 24 hours, you need to consider the charged rush fees for delivery. But a few companies do not charge rush delivery fees, but the turnaround times can vary. 

What Accuracy Level Guarantee Do You Get?

Have you ever used the automatic captioning of YouTube? Then you know that the accuracy is not always up to par, right? Hence, you need to find a provider that can guarantee high accuracy levels using people instead of software. 

Many closed caption providers use software, but it can yield low-quality captions. So, if not accurate, it defeats the purpose of using it in the first place. So, if you want the best-closed captioning services, you can count on Back to The Paper.

They use no software, accurately deliver your caption files, and use systems to do quality checks on each project. 

Are There Hidden Costs?

So, what is the actual price for closed captioning services? Well, it can vary as you can receive a quote caption rate of $.80/minute. Still, after adding up those added fees, it can cost more. So, look for those hidden costs and choose a business that keeps things simple. 

How Secure Are My Files? 

Your files need to be protected when you place an order. Hence, you need a provider to take the best precautions to ensure your video’s security. Thus, you need a provider that encrypts and stores all the information on a secure server. Your files will only be visible to those who have signed a strict confidentiality agreement.  

How is My File Delivered?

Depending on the hosting platform you plan to use, your caption file might need specific file formats like the SRT or a VTT. Hence, ask how your file will be delivered as the best-closed caption producers can provide it by email in the format you need. 

Who Will Do The Captioning Work?

Lastly, when you look at a business presenting you with low-cost services, you want it to be high-quality delivered to you. Hence, you want to work with skilled speakers that can complete the job in the language desired.

Thus, when choosing the best-closed caption services, ensure that you ask all the above questions.

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