Best Courses in Power BI for Beginners

Data visualization is an important concluding step in the data science life cycle. Transforming raw data into meaningful information is a hectic task involved in data science.

However, the process is incomplete until that information is represented in the form of interactive visuals and understood by business leaders to make better decisions. This is where powerful data visualization tools come into picture. Present-day data is quite huge and can be visualized only with the help of advanced tools. One such tool that you will definitely come across is Power BI Course, designed by the tech giant Microsoft.   

Today, Power BI skills are in high demand for many data related job roles. In fact, people with  Microsoft Power Bi certification on their resume are preferred for job roles that require working on data visualization. If you too want to learn Power BI, then we would suggest taking an online course.

There would be industry experts as trainers for such courses to impart a working knowledge of Power BI. However, among the pool of resources available, making the right choice regarding the best course can be difficult. 

So this article makes you aware of the top courses in Power BI like STL Power BI training available online that are worth your time and effort.

Here goes the list!

Power BI Certification Training Course 

Training Provider – Simplilearn 

Explore various Power BI concepts like BI reports, desktop layouts, dashboards, functions, and Power BI DAX commands with this comprehensive course by Simplilearn. With 6 hours of enriched learning, you will have a clear understanding of how to develop dashboards, identify better insights from the data, and build practical recipes on several tasks accomplished through Power BI. The top skills covered in the program are built-in aggregations, desktop layout, DAX commands, query editor layout, data visualization best practices, and more. 

The program is designed for everyone willing to learn how to use Power BI for building customized visual reports, including data analysts, data visualization engineers, and business intelligence analysts. The course ends in a capstone project where you will get a chance to apply the skills developed throughout the interactive classes. 

Microsoft Power BI – A Complete Introduction (2022 Edition)

Training Provider – Udemy 

Dive deeper into the concepts of Power BI and find out about its advanced features through this top-rated course on Udemy. You will learn how to analyze data from various data sources and create their own datasets. The instructor will teach you how to comfortably work with the different tools of the Power BI universe and understand how they work together.  Prior knowledge of the Windows operating system and data analysis is recommended before taking this course. 

The program gives you access to 20 hours of on-demand video, 23 articles, and 116 downloadable resources. In the end, you will be able to quickly structure data, easily add calculations, and publish attractive charts in just a few minutes. 

Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI 

Training Provider – edX

This four-week course is a beginner’s guide to working with data in the Power BI tool and it is ideal for professionals. You will gain a clear understanding of working with data, building data visualizations, and preparing valuable reports and dashboards in this robust business analytics and visualization tool through this course. If you are a beginner-level data professional, student, academic, researcher, business analyst, data analyst, marketing analyst, or financial analyst, then this course is designed for you. 

By the end of this program, you would be comfortable identifying and working with business-oriented data sets, preparing data for loading into a data model, and sharing fully-functional Power BI dashboards and reports.  

Modeling Data in Power BI 

Training Provider – Pluralsight 

This course teaches you to use Power BI transformations for working with data that is generated from various sources and is structured in different ways. You will learn how to combine, reshape, cleanse, and enhance that data to build a model that can support reporting and analytics. Throughout the 5 hours of in-depth training, you will understand how to prepare data for exploration, configure the model to support Power BI features for insightful visualizations, natural language queries, and geospatial analysis. 

At the end of the course, you will have a clear knowledge of Power BI data modeling that you can use to build your own models that support various analytical requirements and leverage the capabilities of Power BI entirely. 

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Power BI Essential Training 

Training Provider – LinkedIn Learning 

Learn how to quickly glean insights from datasets using Power BI through this training program on LinkedIn Learning. The instructor will guide you on creating and sharing impactful visualizations more effectively. You can explore the web-based PowerBI service, including how

to import data, build visualizations, and arrange those visualizations into detailed reports. Further, you will understand how to pin visualizations to dashboards for sharing and asking the right questions about your data with Power BI Q&A.  

There is also a section on Power BI mobile and using data modeling capabilities in Power BI Desktop. In the end, you will be awarded a shareable certificate that showcases your knowledge gained from the course. 

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