Best r/SoccerStreams Alternatives for Live Streaming

Soccer fans around the world have been disappointed with the recent shuttering of the popular subreddit r/SoccerStreams, which was known for providing links to live streams of soccer matches. While the subreddit was a convenient way for many to watch their favorite teams and leagues, it was ultimately shut down due to copyright infringement issues.

However, all is not lost for soccer fans looking to stream live matches online. There are still several options available that provide access to a wide variety of soccer leagues and tournaments. Here are some of the best alternatives to r/SoccerStreams for live streaming soccer matches:

  1. Official league and team websites: Many professional soccer leagues and teams have their own websites and apps that offer live streams of their matches. For example, Major League Soccer (MLS) in the United States has an official streaming service called MLS Live, while the English Premier League has its own app and website for streaming matches. These official sources are a reliable and legal way to watch live soccer.
  2. Pay-per-view and subscription streaming services: There are several streaming services that offer live soccer matches for a fee. Some of the most popular options include ESPN+, NBC Sports Gold, and Sling TV. These services often require a monthly or yearly subscription and offer access to a wide range of soccer leagues and tournaments.
  3. Social media: Some soccer leagues and teams have started using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to live stream their matches. For example, the Indian Super League has used Facebook Live to stream matches in the past. These streams may not always be high quality, but they can be a good option for fans looking for a free and convenient way to watch their favorite teams.
  4. Unofficial streaming websites: It’s important to note that many of the streaming websites that offer live soccer matches operate in a legal gray area and may not always be reliable. Some of these sites may contain malware or require users to provide personal information in order to access the streams. However, for those willing to take the risk, there are several websites that offer live streams of soccer matches from a variety of leagues and tournaments.


In conclusion, while the shutdown of r/SoccerStreams was a blow to soccer fans, there are still several options available for streaming live matches online. From official league and team websites to pay-per-view and subscription streaming services, there are plenty of ways to stay up-to-date with your favorite soccer teams and leagues. Just be sure to use caution when using unofficial streaming websites and always be mindful of copyright laws.

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