14 Best Services for Architecture Assignment

It often takes architecture students more time to search for materials than to actually do the assignment. Someone spends hours on Pinterest trying to find the right piece, others torment Google, and still, others prefer to create the necessary components with their own hands. We have selected eight services that can be helpful for students who deal with architecture assignments. 


The project started in 2014 as a simple visualization material library. Over time, its creator, Glasgow architect Ryan Canning, realized that he and his colleagues still had to modify the finished files for each project. Then Canning launched a “constructor” that allows you to create “customized” images in seconds. So, the user can choose a pattern, the size of the elements, the type of joint, and color, and set the degree of wear of the material. In the paid PRO mode, about two-thirds of the options open up, including relief texturing and the ability to upload a file in .pat format.


Choose AssignmentShark.com if you need help with architecture assignments. Experts who work there can please even the perfectionist who is looking for the perfect helping service. As a bonus, they provide assistance at an affordable cost. An expert will deal with your architecture assignment based on the requirements that you leave. 


The date of the foundation is 1982. This is a 2D drafting tool. The application is to create 2D architectural documentation. Drawing is the first step in learning architectural design, like drawing sketches, sections, plans, facades, details, and layouts.


The year of the foundation is 2000. The primary use is for modeling with 2D drafting capability and decoration. The student version is available. It is easy to use. It has fast and simple tools, a user-friendly interface, and many 3D models available on the internet. You can find many free 3D objects in 3D models.


It was founded in 1980. Its main use is for 3D modeling. The student version can be downloaded with a 40% discount. The ease of use is light or medium. Complex and curvilinear models are easier to create in Rhino thanks to its intuitive tools. They use Rhino primarily in architecture, industrial design, and jewelry.


The main use is for BIM (modeling, 2D drafting, and analytics). The student version is available. The ease of use is medium. It is the first BIM software. As in other BIM programs, views, sections, and plans are created automatically and updated every time the model is changed. Unlike Revit, ArchiCAD also runs on OSX, is aimed only at architects, and has a more convenient user interface. It has very well-developed IFC support, good design, layout, and decent rendering. Also, it has flexible parametric objects.

Patchwork Architecture

If you’re an architecture student who doesn’t have a portfolio yet, you may have missed out on a great opportunity. Patchwork Architecture has extensive experience in different spaces. It exists to create efficient and cost-effective spaces that fit the purpose and location. It has a custom layout, but it is truly understandable. By the looks of it, the firm’s cool work is presented in an asymmetrical layout, paired with white space and a stunning hover effect. Similarly, the internal pages of the website also have an amazing design with cool and subtle scrolling animations.


This is one of the oldest libraries – the collection has more than 140 thousand pictures. There are unique collections dedicated to azulejos, rusty surfaces, peeling paint walls, and adobe structures. You can download up to 15 images per day for free, 1024×1024 in size.

Sketchup Texture Club

The project grew out of a community on Facebook, where enthusiasts shared with each other both homemade blanks and ready-made renders. The limit is 15 images per day in low and medium resolution. For the affordable price, you can purchase an annual subscription, then the amount of content available for download will grow to 50 images per day.


The site was created by Kyiv developers, so it contains a lot of images with elements of Soviet architecture: here, you can find Falconnier glass blocks and old ceramic tiles with chipped edges, as well as exclusive pictures with plywood surfaces and burnt wood. Alas, you can only download two images per day for free.

Humbert & Poyet

An architect’s work really goes beyond the buildings they design. Their primary purpose is to maintain the safety and functionality of buildings. Humbert & Poyet has a beautiful architecture site design that will inspire architecture students. Humbert and Poyet are both professional architects who create the best restaurants, villas, offices, apartments, hotels, etc., all over the world. The design of the site homepage is unique. The audience sees their successful projects. Similarly, the interior pages are completely seamless, with a simple menu and a slider that showcases different images of the architecture.

Texture Box

This is a small collection put together by Turkish 3D artists. The site presents an extensive selection of “organic” textures: stones, soil, grass, etc. One of the key disadvantages is downloading via Google Drive cloud storage.


This is a site that presents architects who work hard to create design meeting the client’s requirements must have a website that showcases amazing work. Ark-Shelter is designed with outstanding website architectural design. Ark-Shelter’s website, as exceptional as its vision, is visually appealing and creative. Moreover, the beautiful and fluid slider used to present their creative architecture adds creativity to the overall design. This service is good for getting inspiration the next time you will work on your architecture assignment.

Amanda Martocchio

Attract more potential clients to the architecture business with an amazing site to promote the brand worldwide. The architect showcases her expertise in stunning website architectural design. She is a seasoned architect working on cultural and commercial buildings and closer projects to affect more lives. Because images are more engaging than plain text, the homepage of her site is loaded with images that represent different projects lined up one after the other. The site uses an off-canvas menu to display navigation clearly.

We hope these services will help you with your architecture assignments and inspire you to do your homework. 

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