6 Best Ways to Track Your Wife’s Location without Her Knowing

Love and trust are the cornerstones of every relationship. However, sometimes it might not be enough. Have you observed something off about your wife nowadays? Is she behaving strangely? It is sometimes difficult to know what she is up to!

You must have seen some vital signs, which showcase your wife is cheating on you, and you want to catch her red-handed, but how? 

We live in the 21st century, which is enriched by cutting-edge technology, and here the mobile gadgets are vital ones used by everyone to do daily activities. Therefore, the unique method to sneak peek at your spouse is to spy on her. 

Innumerable ways are there to track your wife’s location with the help of a smartphone. Let’s check out these top 6 ways to do that without her knowledge.

Way #1: Xnspy – The ultimate location tracking app

Everyone carries a smartphone nowadays and leveraging its capabilities to report on someone’s location isn’t a tough task. What is tough is getting an app to relay accurate geolocation data to someone else’s phone covertly. And if you want to see someone’s location on Android, Xnspy is the best solution.

The ultimate location tracking app

Xnspy is a powerful application with an entire suite of options available for users to efficiently and accurately track behavior and location of someone’s phone. This makes it the ultimate solution on our list if you’re looking to keep a close eye on your wife.

Besides the use-case given here, the app has also seen deployment in parental situations, businesses and even schools. This is because the app’s feature list is comprehensive and diverse enough to suit a multitude of situations. Employers use Xnspy to ensure no sensitive data is leaking through company phones, and parents use it to ensure the safety of their children from known threats like child abuse and cyberbullying.

The app’s architecture ensures it works covertly in the background without notifications or alerts on the targeted device. This allows Xnspy to keep tabs on all ongoing activity – whether on social media, texts, calls, and location – without so much as a peep.

Unique tracking features of Xnspy

  • Real-time geolocation tracking

By accessing the on-board GPS of the phone or tablet, Xnspy can report the exact location of the person you’re tracking. The app can also allow you to set up ‘fences’ on the map and get alerted when the person enters and leaves the area. 

  • Ambient listening

Ambient listening is the ultimate tool in any tracking app and most miss out on this. Xnspy can send remote commands that turn on the microphone of the phone so you can hear what the phone hears in real time. 

  • Keylogger

Keyloggers are popular extensions in most tracking apps and Xnspy is no different. Every tap and input on the device can be recorded by the app and stored for you to view. This includes passwords, specific typed messages and every note ever written on the device. 

Way #2: Spylix – The best phone surveillance site

Are you searching for a practical and powerful phone tracking application? Spylix would be the best app that works on Android and iOS devices. 

It is an essential app endowed with premium features, which allows you to track your wife’s location to almost every activity of hers. 

Being a credible phone tracking site, it is used by spouses, parents, and even organizations. Moreover, it takes pride in the best-in-class customer approval ratings in the device surveillance arena. 

Spylix is precisely designed to assess all the incoming and outgoing text messages on your wife’s device. Without any kind of misinformation or letting her know you are spying on her, Spylix can track your wife’s phone discreetly. 

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Unique tracking features of Spylix

  • Location tracking

Spylix allows you to know the exact location of your wife at this moment due to its top-notch GPS tracking abilities. This site ensures you get the correct information about your wife’s location. 

  • Call logs tracking

All the incoming and outgoing calls will longer be vague because of their powerful features. It allows you to see the duration, number, and timestamp details by normally accessing the call details from your PC. 

  • Keylogger

Spylix protects all the records of all keystrokes performed on the target’s devices utilizing its excellent keylogger feature. It also includes your wife’s typed messages and login information. 

  • Text message tracking

This application can snatch outgoing and incoming messages on your wife’s smartphone and allows you to know whom she is talking to! Moreover, it lets you track multimedia files in case the messages get deleted right after sending. You can also:

  • Access all the MMS files
  • Go through all the messages
  • Check those text messages’ attachments and timestamps
  • Observe the contact information of the receiver and sender, containing photos and names

Way #3: Using PanSpy app to track her location

PanSpy is the one-stop solution to cross checking your wife’s activity securely and remotely! Being a versatile and trustworthy smartphone tracking tool, which works miraculously over Android and iOS devices. 

You can remotely observe your wife’s location and her call history, emails, documents, videos, photos, and social media apps, including Whatsapp and Facebook, with its seamless smartphone tracker amenity.If you are wondering why to opt for this tool to track your wife, the reasons are represented below:

  • Know the real-time location

Being an ideal solution for tracking your wife’s smartphone GPS, PanSpy can also analyze her location remotely. It allows you to set the Geofence of your wife’s device, which notifies you quickly if she trespasses at any specific location. 

  • See web browsing history

With this application, you can see her browsing history and the proper browsing time and date records. 

Way #4: Spyic Tracking app

Does snooping on your wife’s device seem impossible to you? It must not be, as Spyic tracking application can help unravel all your wife’s activity promptly. You don’t need any technical knowledge to use this as it shuns all the issues in phone spying. 

Now, using Spyic to spy on your wife secretly, you can track her location without her knowledge. It utilizes its location tracker to know her whereabouts and share live location updates.

Moreover, it obtains her current location along with the Wi-Fi and GPS-based timestamp data. Such details also incorporate the GPS coordinates of past and present situations. Apart from Spyic’s location tracking, you can do call tracking. 

It means utilizing Spyic’s call monitor lets you view your wife’s call logs, numbers, ID, and time duration of calls. You can also opt for recording their phone calls to know what they are discussing or utilize it as proof. 

Way #5: Cocospy Tracking App

Cocospy is another top-notch location tracking application to track down your wife’s phone. Being a great option, Cocospy is straightforward to use and upholds the tracking of iOS and Android devices. 

This app’s intuitive user interface makes it the best-in-class surveillance app, which doesn’t need jailbreaking or rooting your wife’s device to track her location and gain other information. Moreover, Cocospy has some captivating features like the installed application on her phone and getting you your wife’s exact location. 

Way #6: Glympse Tracking App

This is also the best-in-class location tracking app to know your wife’s location without her knowledge. But this is not that popular way of tracking your wife’s activities like Spylix and Spyic. Despite monitoring the mobile number, it allows you to follow her social media activities seamlessly. 

Moreover, Glympse underpins both basic and premium versions, where the basic version doesn’t have superior tracking features. But the premium version needs rooting your wife’s phone in order to track it.

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To conclude, tracking your wife’s location and other activities can be seamlessly done through a phone spy app. With these aforementioned top 6 ways, anyone can execute tracking without informing about your spying. 

Are you looking for extreme convenience? Spylix is a top-notch GPS tracking app that offers much more amenities. Hopefully, this article helps you find you excellent solutions while monitoring her locations and other activities. 

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