Betwinner Mobile App – Using the operator’s contact options while betting on your mobile device

Even people with many years of betting experience haven’t had the chance to use a gambling website as good as Betwinner. It is among the few online betting companies whose services can satisfy even the pickiest gamblers. Betwinner is home to all sorts of categories, world-class promotions, leading features, and of course, mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Downloading and installing gambling applications is not hard. Android customers simply have to allow their device to install apps from unknown sources and get the apk file. On the other hand, people who like iOS do not need this file because Betwinner’s app can be downloaded from the App Store.

In both cases, the app will grant online bettors access to everything, including the contact options. Although most iGaming platforms don’t allow their users to access the customer support department, Betwinner decided to do that, so here is how to use the different options.

Live Chat

The first and most common option used by Betwinner’s customers who need help with something is the live chat. Although some brands don’t have a mobile live chat, after you learn that you can download the Betwinner mobile app from this link by Nostrabet  (it is for Android and iOS), you will be surprised by the fact that the application will allow you to talk to the customer support department using live chat. 

Despite being the most popular contact option, it is rarely available on mobile devices because bookies can’t optimize it properly. Fortunately, Betwinner’s industry-leading dev team did the impossible and allowed punters to utilize this option. Speaking of the devil, the Live Chat function is usually more than enough for most people’s problems. The customer support agents have the needed experience and knowledge to help you with basic queries. However, if you have a more specific question, you should use some of the other options on this list.

Callback Request

Live Chat is the most popular contact option, but people who utilize Betwinner’s desktop site are those usually using it. Since you have a physical keyboard, you can easily explain your problem and find the answer you need. With that being said, those who follow Nostrabet’s link to download the Betwinner mobile app for Android and iOS probably have a smartphone with a large screen. Some people are capable of typing pretty fast, but even they prefer using a more convenient contact option.

That’s why Betwinner offers a few other alternatives, one of which is the callback request. Those who don’t feel like using their smartphone/tablet’s keyboards can request a callback, and Betwinner’s customer support team will call them when possible. Although this option is more convenient and allows you to explain your issue, this bookmaker doesn’t support every language option. This means that you may have to communicate in English or any of the other popular language options. The same goes for the live chat, but punters who are not fluent in English will at least have enough time to prepare their answers.


The last contact option offered to Betwinner’s mobile customers is probably the most archaic of the three, but this doesn’t mean people don’t use it. If you are one of the many bettors who don’t want to talk over the phone or use the live chat, you have the option to send an email. This used to be one of the only available contact options back in the day, but this doesn’t mean it is not popular now. In fact, people send emails every day because it is convenient.

Even though you can easily send an email, it should be noted that you may have to wait up to a couple of minutes or even hours to get a response.

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