Bill Benoist: How to Choose the Top Resume Writers in 2023

For those who are looking to streamline the process of picking the best, most efficient resume writers, then look no further. We’ve compiled a list of practical checkpoints and tips to ensure that any recruiter or professional picks the right person for their team or project. 

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Moving on, here’s the article: 


Before we dive into the main points, let’s clarify what a resume writer actually does. Essentially, they craft professional resumes that are on par with current in-demand recruitment trends. The resumes will also be able to pass Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), and it will use a format and writing that should normally impress and catch employers’ eyes. 

  • Check Their Qualifications

Firstly, let’s run through the basics. To cherry-pick the best resume writers, check a writer’s qualifications. Recruiters can do so by:

  • Looking at their reviews
  • Looking at their resume sample writings
  • Asking them questions
  • Checking their background
  • Checking if they know how to impress recruiters and hiring managers
  • Checking if they have a background in recruiting or HR
  • Checking if they are customer-focused 

By doing so, recruiters will be able to determine whether they are well-versed or not in resume writing. That signifies both practice and theory. Great writers will also try to keep up to date with the current market and recruitment trends. 

  • Knowledgeable About Industry  

Depending on the field that a recruiter/company is working in, the writers they should choose should of course be knowledgeable in the industries that they provide resume writing services. Not every writer will be well-educated in every field, but then this makes it easier to choose specialized writers to make resumes for certain clients.

Specialization in this sense means that they know about a specific industry, and they can put their two cents in by personalizing and integrating what they already know through their client’s resume. 

Of course, you can’t expect a writer to be knowledgeable about all industries, but it would be smart to hire writers who know about certain industries, especially if your clients are coming from such sectors.

  • Quality Writers Take Time 

A good writer will know to take time when writing a professional resume. Just because a writer can produce 10 resumes a day, doesn’t mean those resumes are of high quality. In this case, the cliche applies: quality over quantity. Resume writing shouldn’t really be rushed so be wary of writers who take pride in writing a big amount of resumes per day, they might not actually turn out to be good writers, just fast ones.

  • Check Their Credentials

If you’re on the lookout for a strictly work-focused writer who is guaranteed to know the job market and what clients need, then check if the writer belongs to any of these groups:

  • Career Thought Leaders Consortium
  • The National Resume Writers Association
  • Career Directors International 
  • Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches

This will guarantee that the writer you are going to hire not only specializes in writing but resume writing. This is because professionals who are involved in these groups are trained to write resumes. Writers who are part of these associations are typically committed to their niche.

  • Has A Good Online Presence

Nowadays, great writers will at least be well-established enough to have their own form of self-branding online. Check if they have:

  • A website
  • A good LinkedIn profile
  • A genuine and not over-the-top tone when it comes to self-promotion

Professional writers should showcase their writing ability through their writing, and that’s obvious. If they’re marketing themselves too much without showing any proof of their capabilities, be wary. 

  • Request A Write Up

For recruiters and everyone else looking to choose the best writer, it can be easy to genuinely determine your hire’s capabilities by testing them yourself. Request that they write up a resume to submit to you. 

It’s up to recruiters to manage the details of their request but this is a straightforward enough process that won’t confuse anyone, and it’s a simple way to truly revise someone’s talent and writing skill. Set a deadline, a subject, and test out your candidates.

Final Thoughts

Resume writing is a craft in itself, and should not be assigned to just about anyone. However, by following the valuable tips and advice that are demonstrated in this article, anyone should be able to streamline the process of choosing the cream of the crop. Also you can choose the best resume writing service and find help there.

We recommend not skipping out on any of the tips, as they make a whole and will not serve to be too effective on their own. To those who are responsible for picking out the most capable candidates, we suggest preparing a checklist and referring back to what’s been stated in the article if there is any confusion whatsoever.

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