Bitcoin Storm Review – A Winning App Or Scam?

The Bitcoin Storm app promises to be the next big thing in cryptocurrency. It’s a brand new software that can supposedly scan the market and find you the best deals for buying bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dash, monero, and more! Is it worth it, though? I’ll get into everything shortly.

Bitcoin Storm started by giving away 100 free bitcoins to people who signed up. This drew a lot of attention and has led many people to join the Bitcoin Storm system.

Please note that this is not necessarily indicative of future results – nobody can say with certainty how any investment will perform, especially one as risky as cryptocurrencies. So the only way you should ever invest in something like this is if you know what you’re doing!

Bitcoin Storm

Bitcoin Storm is definitely a winning app and there are other apps like as it helps users play and win real money. Bitcoin Storm is a trading app that focuses on Bitcoin and Litecoin currency. The website offers three options: the Free plan, Pro Plan, and VIP plan. Additionally, users can choose to purchase packages using PayPal or credit card or use their own Bitcoins!

The free package allows you access to all features of the site, such as playing games, making trades with cryptocurrencies via their mobile application (available for iOS/Android), etc., but limits may apply; users will need to earn points first before actually withdrawing any funds from BTCStorm. 

Once signed up, your starting balance becomes 100 credits which have no value in cash nor prizes until you start earning them by simply clicking ads daily (tasks like watching videos, signing up, etc., earn credits too).

The Pro plan (available for $49.95) offers you full access to all features of the site, including earning cash bonuses, prizes, and withdrawal options; however, this package also requires the user’s first deposit at least five hundred dollars via PayPal or credit card before making any withdrawals. 

The VIP Plan is available for a one-time payment of $499, which allows members complete access to all aspects of BTCStorm and includes unlimited deposits/withdrawals without having to worry about minimums!

Easy to use platform

As stated earlier, Bitcoin Storm is a web-based platform, so its mobile application can help players trade Bitcoins just like how they would be doing it online – keeping in mind that there are no bots involved here, just real players trying to make a quick buck!

When you open up the site and log in, your account will be credited with 100 credits which have no value in cash or prizes until you start earning them by simply clicking ads daily (tasks like watching videos, signing up, etc. are also included).

For this review, I am using the free plan of BTCStorm, and it allows me to use all of its features, but limits may apply; users need points before they can actually withdraw any funds from BTCStorm.

Once signed up, my starting balance became 100 credits which had no value in cash nor prizes until I started earning them by simply clicking more ads on their website

For beginners, it is a boon since it is a concept that is not easy to understand, and wrong users can quickly spoil its reputation. You just need to sign up with an email ID or phone number for this app to work efficiently without any hassle at all.

The Final Word

The interface has been designed such that even if you are a newbie, you will find your way around effortlessly making use of its features like trading signals, news updates, etc. which will make sure about the safety part as well when using Bitcoin Storm application on Android phones or tablets connected via Bluetooth or WiFi internet connection.

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