Bow Pillows: Their Benefits and Types

Bow pillows are small pillows that bow makers use to support their arms when they are bow making.

– Bow making is an art form that creates grace, beauty, and elegance within nature. Bow makers would often work for days on end with bow strings in their hands. Bow pillows minimize strain to the bow maker’s wrists, arms, or shoulders

Types of bow pillows

String bow pillow: 

These are the simplest type of bow pillow to make since it only requires a simple piece of leather tied around the arm near the elbow area. Because it is so easy to make this markdown pillow is also known as “the everyman’s bow pillow”

Cloth bow pillow: 

These were considered by many bow makers to be the best bow pillows in terms of comfort and support. The bow maker would have a pass a bow string through slits in the cloth bow pillow so that when he puts his arms in it his hands could reach the bow string with ease

Bow making professionals: 

Professional bow makers would often use a better type of bow pillow called a “bow maker’s wedge” since these were more comfortable and offered more support. These bow pillows can take up to 2 hours to make depending on how big they are. It is common for bow makers, especially lower level ones, to use bow pills that were made by another bow maker or bought from an online seller

Here are some FAQs recently asked by bow making enthusiasts

– Bow pillows seem complicated. I don’t know where to begin. Can you give me a bow pillow making lesson? 

Sure, bow pillows can be easy. The best bow pillows are ones that the bow maker created themselves so here is a short bow pillow making lesson

How do I tie my bow string around the bow string hole of my bow to get it tight enough without using too much pressure? 

 Just use one hand and then hold onto your arm, which will cause the rest of your body to move closer to the bowstring in reaction. Make sure that in doing this process you keep your wrist in the same position with slight relaxation

– What is good for bowstring support? 

bow pillows are great for bowstring support although the bow string itself can also provide some support (mainly in the arm area)bow pillows, especially ones that bow makers make themselves, are considered to be the best since they provide more comfort and support. Here is a bow pillow making lesson for bow makers who want to learn how to create their own bow pillows with ease. Many bow makers would object to buying them online because of their cheap materials however; online stores that sell sturdy bow pillows made by professionals will most likely please any bow maker who wants one that provides stability and comfort when working on their workbench. Bow makers who are beginner bow makers should try to buy bow pillows online because bow making materials, especially bow pillow supplies, are not easily accessible for bow makers living in remote areas

– Bowstring support is unnecessary. I think it restricts my bow movements. What do you say about this? Bow string support is an important part of bow making since bow makers could potentially injure themselves if they don’t use the right equipment. The best type of bow string support is a bow maker’s wedge however; many lower level bow making enthusiasts find that bows pillows can provide them with adequate support too although these might be slightly less comfortable than other types of bow string supports

Do I have to buy used or new or leather strips?

Many beginner bow makers would buy bow pillow making supplies online since bow pillows are not easily available at local stores. Lower level bow makers should only use bow string supports that were made by professionals and that could be bought from a trustworthy bow making supply store. Professional bow makers who want to make their own bowstring supports should always rely on bow pillows since they rarely need any assistance in tying their bowstrings; we highly recommend using cloth ones although you can also try string ones too

Is it possible to make an arm guard out of leather?

Probably, but this is far more advanced than most beginners or low level bow makers will attempt to do. If you really want to create one yourself however; I recommend doing some research on how arm guards work and what bow pillows are supposed to do. The bow pillow making process for bow makers who want to make bow pillows from scratch is quite simple and can be done within a day if you have the right materials at home.


Bow pillows help promote long periods of bow making without resting. Bow pillows also allow bow makers to support the weight of their bowstring hands which would otherwise cause them to tire more easily. Bow making professionals often use bow maker’s wedges since they are more comfortable and offer better support. Bow pills that were made by another bow maker or bought on online sellers are available too.

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