Cheap, Durable, and Trendy Custom Acrylic Pins

If you’re looking for a cheap, durable, and trendy way to display your logo, you may want to consider custom acrylic pins. These pins are perfect for many different projects, from jewellery making to merchandise and promotional products. The designs are laser cut or digitally printed onto one side of a 3mm white acrylic piece. The reverse side is then finished with a silver-plated fixing. You can order as few as one design, or as many as you want.


If you are looking for custom pins, you can get the designs you want for very cheap. Depending on the number of pins you order, the unit price will vary. Typically, the price goes down as the number of pins increases. Taking the time to figure out how many pins you will need will help you to save money.

Custom acrylic pins are a great alternative to enamel pins because they can be customized in full color and are available in almost any shape or size. They can be used to promote a brand, a special event, or a cause. You can also get them for birthdays, graduation, food, badges, and lapels.

Before ordering your custom enamel pins, you must decide what kind of design you want. If you’d like them to be as colorful as possible, you must use the Pantone color matching system. It’s important to note that you cannot use transparent or gradient colors. In addition, you must avoid having small text on the pin. When choosing the design for your custom acrylic pins, make sure to check the bleed area and send it to the manufacturer as a proof.

If you want to order 100 or more custom acrylic pins, you can find a company that makes them for a fraction of the cost. Pin Lord estimates that you can get 100 pins for $135 to $200. Depending on your needs, you can also order pins from overseas sources. These custom acrylic pins are durable and can be used to promote a business.

In contrast to hard enamel pins, soft enamel pins are made from a material called soft enamel. This material is less expensive to produce, but allows for finer details of colors and texture. However, this type of enamel pin is not as durable as hard enamel pins. It is easy to scratch and may be prone to chipping.


If you’re in the market for new pins, you’ll be glad to know that durable acrylic pins are available. Acrylic pins are easier to customize than other materials and can be used for many different purposes. They are also ideal for rush production, such as for lapel pins. Whether you need a small batch or a large order, durable acrylic pins are a great option. These pins are also very durable and can withstand repeated use.

Durable acrylic pins are available in different shapes and sizes. It’s important to choose the right sheet to ensure that your pin is made of quality material. A transparent acrylic sheet is the most commonly used and will deliver the best quality. You should also choose a sheet that is UV resistant. This will protect your pin from the sun and protect it from various weather conditions.

The thickness of the sheet you choose is important. A 4mm acrylic sheet is the ideal thickness. Anything thinner than this will break easily, while thicker than this will result in an odd look and poor image quality. If you want to use a thicker sheet, you can try gluing two pieces together, but this is not a good option for pins because it will not keep their shape.

Acrylic pins can be made with a wide variety of colors. You can choose between transparent and opaque colors. You can also choose special colors for long-term outdoor use. The durability and flexibility of acrylic pins make them ideal for many uses. This material is also lightweight, which means you’ll save money on shipping costs.

Acrylic pins can be customized and are a great alternative to enamel pins. They can be printed in full color and can be cut into a wide range of shapes. These pins are also durable and waterproof. These pins can be used on clothes, backpacks, lapels, hats, and more.

Easy to make

When you need to design a unique pin for a special occasion, consider producing them with acrylic material. This material is not prone to scratching or chipping, and it is a great option for art that isn’t suitable for enamel pins. Acrylic pins are made of one or two layers of acrylic board with an image sandwiched between the layers. The pin can have an opaque image or a translucent one. They can also be decorated with glitter epoxy and holographic sparkle effects. Unlike enamel posts, acrylic pins come with a safety-pin style clasp, which allows for secure attachment.

Another benefit of acrylic pins is that they are very customizable. They can feature many different textures and even incorporate multiple cutouts within a single shape. You can even make them in three dimensions, which is a great option for designers. Moreover, custom acrylic pins require a 1mm border around the edge, which helps prevent the printed area from being cut. In addition to this, the pins can be produced quickly: the production time for a batch of 1000 pins can be less than two hours!

Once the pins are ready, you can apply the Dimensional Magic. It is best to do this step one by one, and make sure you bake them in the oven for 2 minutes. After baking, they will shrink a bit, and the color may become difficult to distinguish. To prevent this, choose lighter colors for the image. You can also use a photo editing program like Picmonkey to lighten the image before applying it to the pin.

If you want to create a more detailed pin, try using soft enamel. Soft enamel pins are usually less expensive than hard enamel, but they look more realistic. As a bonus, they are durable. If you want to show the fine details of your image, these pins are the right option.

Another option is to use die-cast pins. They are best suited for complex designs and non-perfect shapes. Epoxy pins, on the other hand, have a clear plastic coating that not only adds shine to your pin but also protects your design. Epoxy pins also work well with offset printed or silk-screened designs.


Custom acrylic pins are a great way to personalize your promotional items or jewelry. These pins are laser-cut or digitally printed onto one side of 3mm white acrylic. The reverse is finished with a silver-plated fixing. These pins are ideal for promotional gifts, jewelry making, and merchandise. You can order one design per pin or split a design into two pieces.

To create a pin with a custom design, you first choose the illustration and finish details. Then, you can decide on the size of the design. Smaller designs will require a different production process than large designs. You can also customize the size of your pins. Once you’ve decided on the size and design, the next step is to decide on the pin material.


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