Cloud Storage: Pros and Cons of Keeping Your Files There

We all possess a great bunch of digital information: photos, videos, books, documents, and other things that pose us some value. However, they need a lot of space to be stored, and a basic hard disk couldn`t be enough for that. Moreover, if you are a gamer, a lot of space will be for these entertaining goods.

Cloud Storage: Pros and Cons

That is why cloud storage was created by smart people in order to make your life a bit more comfortable. Of course, it provides a lot of features for enhancing studying or working processes. Nevertheless, a lot of people consider these cloud storages unreliable and suspicious. So, what are the exact advantages and disadvantages of cloud storage, and can they actually substitute physical storage? Let’s find out together To understand it more visit

Pros: Why Should We Like Clouds?

The clouds can make our dealing with loads of files simple, and no one will doubt this fact. However, it is not the only biggest advantage of this service. What is more?

Access to Files

Your files in your storage can be everywhere with you. You don’t even need to take your relatively large laptop with you and have an extra burden on your back! You can open it on your smartphone from a certain application, and voila – the access to your files is fully realized! However, don’t forget to ensure that access to the Internet, either WiFi or mobile, is also present.

And don’t worry: even if you have saved some psychology essay examples in your cloud, they will also be available for you 24/7.

Synchronization With Devices

As we partially mentioned above, no matter which device you used to work on, if you save your materials on cloud storage, they will be available on every device. In fact, there are two main conditions for gaining accessibility: be logged in and have a stable Internet connection. That is how you can work with your computer at home, then with your tablet or phone at a cafe, and then on some other devices. Moreover, you can also give access to other users, so they will see, edit, or utilize the files from the storage.

Security and Liability

Everyone is worried about one essential question: “Are my data protected?” “Can I be a potential victim of some kind of hacker attack?” “Can my precious university notes be stolen by a group of anonymous people?” Well, we would like to call you because the developers of cloud storage services give their guarantee of the privacy and inviolability of your personal data. Only you can allocate the files stored on your cloud disk, and only you can give rights to others. Perhaps you have a project with your friends, or your boss has overloaded you with a bunch of reports, or maybe you have very cool photos from your holiday? Don’t be anxious; your personal data is safe and sound for the time. If you move to a reliable cloud storage such as OneDrive or SharePoint. Learn more about OneDrive Migration and SharePoint Migration.

Cheaper in Price

You probably wished to buy a separate (or external, as you wish) hard drive in order to store your files there. It is also a useful thing to have because it is portable, and it is like a mini library in your hands. Nevertheless, if we compare the price of a physical hard drive, and of space in a cloud (and it also depends on your aims and wishes), the latter will be a lot cheaper.

In particular, it will be beneficial to buy storage for some period (a year or a half of it). Moreover, think of the previous advantages. In spite of the portability of the hard disk, it still needs to be taken, and what is more, not forgotten. In the case of the cloud, it will always be with you! As practice shows nowadays, a single person takes with him or her at least one digital device. Thus, don’t overpay, and enjoy advantages today!

Cons: Why Should We Dislike Clouds

Nothing is ideal. So do our research target, which has had its drawbacks found by the Internet users. What is the negative side of these?

Dependence on Connection

For instance, you want to get your tourism paper example, and you need it immediately. Nevertheless, you are on your weekends in a small village, where the residents of it continue using classic button phones. And you saved your pivotal materials in online storage. The keyword is “online”. Since you don’t have access to the internet, you won’t be able to exercise the features of the service.

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Limitations of Free Versions

You can definitely use the free version of a certain application, but you may not even notice how fast the storage can become full or how many ads there may be which cause eye twitch. Because of the fact that some cloud storage services demand a high amount of money to be spent monthly, people decide not to use all the benefits. Moreover, you can’t actually buy space; mostly, you have to subscribe. Isn’t it a sign to assemble money and buy one hard disk?

Poor Support

It is a case when FAQ can become your best friend while using the cloud and facing a technical problem. The storage is yours, that is why you must try fixing it on your own!

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