Common Mistakes People Make When Cleaning Tiles

Tiles are one of the most expensive items in your house.  Clean and shiny tiles increase the look and elegance of your home which is why it is essential to care for them in the right manner. However, rather than taking the help of the best cleaning service, many people tend to clean them on their own. While the DIY methods may seem cheaper and a quick way to get super clean tiles, they can do more harm than good to your precious tiles.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that people make when cleaning tiles on their own:

1.Using harsh cleaning chemicals

Although harsh chemicals such as bleach and ammonia-based materials are highly harmful to the tiles and grout, many people use them to clean their bathroom, kitchen, and floor tiles. No matter what the case, these chemicals must be avoided for cleaning anything. Not only do they have serious health consequences, but any spills or splashes can also damage the appliances in the surrounding area. Along with this, cleaning solutions that contain these harsh chemicals can also damage your tile and grout, especially when done for a long period and Commercial Cleaners.

2.Scrubbing vigorously

Many people vigorously scrub their tiles and grout, thinking it is the quickest way to clean the tiles and get rid of dirt in the grout. However, doing this can damage both the tiles and grout. Besides, over-wetting them is another common thing people do when scrubbing them. It is essential to know that tap water has minerals that may cause staining and discoloration of tiles. For this you must always hire a well rated house cleaning service.

3.Incorrect mopping

Another common mistake many people make when cleaning their tiles is wet mopping their tiles. As mentioned before, too much water can cause discoloration and staining. Besides, the dirty water keeps seeping into the porous surface of the tiles and grout which may cause an unwanted buildup of moisture. This, in turn, may cause more problems for your tiles and grout. For that reason, the best way to clean your tiles is damp mopping using clean water. Also, make sure to vacuum the floor once a week but avoid using the vacuum beater on the tiles as it can scratch them.

4.Using abrasive materials

Using abrasive material such as steel or metals can do more harm than good to your tiles and grout. They can cause scratching, staining, and eventually ruin the glossy shine of the beautiful tiles. For that reason, it is better to always avoid using such materials and check the ingredients of any substance before you use them to clean your tiles and the surrounding grout.

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5.Not taking professional help

One of the most common and the biggest mistake that most people make while cleaning their tiles and the surrounding grout is not hiring a professional tile cleaning service. By using the wrong materials and methods of cleaning tiles, you are shortening the life of your tiles. On the other, hiring the best tile and grout cleaning service providers can benefit you in more than one way. 

These professionals use the right tools along with the right methods, as a result, you get shiny, clean tiles with an increased lifespan.

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