Companies that Buy Houses for Cash in Atlanta

As of 2022 April, the prices for homes in Atlanta have seen a rapid increase. The real estate market, especially in areas of Atlanta has seen more demand than it ever was. It is growing at almost 5.9% with every passing year. On average, the selling price of houses is about $410,000. Needless to say, this is the perfect opportunity to think about selling your house, especially in exchange for cash. This article will help you find some best-suited companies for you, who will help you with this task. This article will list some of the most well-known companies who offer cash in return for buying your houses. 

The Top 5 Companies are – 

  • – When looking for websites for sale by owner, this is one of the best options you have in Atlanta. Their perks are numerous. By putting your property on MLS, will provide unparalleled exposure to a potential buyers. A homeowner who is looking for a cash buyer can find them on the open market with Houzeo, bringing you one step closer to finding the buyer. They work on an online platform, so contacting them is very easy. Furthermore, they have their own mobile application. Finally, they have more than 2k five-star reviews.
  • Express Home Buyers – The price they offer is around 52% to around 70% of the present value in the market. They will do your job from one week to within a month. They provide offline services. You will need to visit them physically in order for you to hire them.
  • Opendoor – Opendoor is one of the top ‘We Buy Houses for Cash Atlanta’ companies. They have five-star reviews, and rightfully so. The prices they offer range from 80% to almost 100% of the current value in the market. Be assured that your work will be done from two weeks to within two months at the most. Furthermore, they have their own mobile app. But they do not do business online. So you have to visit them physically.
  • Cash Out House LLC – This company has five-star reviews as well. Though they do not have their mobile app, and they do not do business online, be assured of a fast service though. Not only will they offer you almost 70% of the present value in the market, but also close your deal from one week to within a month.
  • Offer Pad – Though they have their own mobile app, they do not work fully on an online mode. Offer Pad gives you a handsome 81% to almost 100% of the present value in the market. The fees they charge for their service are around 5% of the price of sales.

Other companies in this space – 

  • Markey Home Buyer – They work fully on an offline mode. So, you should not expect a mobile application or an online transaction. But, what you can expect is a five-star service from them. They charge no fees for their service and will close your deal from one week to well within a month. The price they have to offer is around 51% to about 70% of the present value in the market.
  • RedfinNow – With RedfinNow, you will have a successfully closed deal within ten days to say about three months at the most. They have multiple five-star reviews. The mode they work on is not fully online. But they have their own mobile application. Next, the price they offer is pretty decent. It ranges from 72% to around 90% of the present value in the market. Finally, the price they charge for their services is 6% to 14% of the price of sales. 
  • Maximum Cash Home Buyer – Maximum Cash Home Buyers do not charge any fees for the services they provide. They, like Markey Home Buyers and Cash Out House LLC, provide fully offline services. Neither they have a mobile application of their own nor any online mode of transaction. Their potentially offered price ranges from 52% to around 70% of the present value in the market. You can be assured that they have a five-star review. They will also close your deal within one week to one month.

Some iBuyers You Should Know – 

Doing transactions in an offline mode, especially during these advanced days of technology can be challenging. That is the reason, many people especially look for iBuyers these days. Also known as “instant buyers”, these institutional flippers of houses make sure you get a fast service. These companies have revolutionized the age-old mode in which houses used to be bought and sold. They make efficient use of not only technology but also market data to get their job done.

From the list mentioned above, the three best iBuyer options you have would be Opendoor, Offerpad, and RedfinNow. The first company has been in business for the last eight years. The second makes use of the latest technology, making the entire process hassle-free. The last one is, at present, the highest brokerage of discount in the United States of America. What’s more, RedfinNow, along with buying houses for cash, also purchases vacant homes.

Closing Thoughts

All the above-mentioned companies have proved themselves to be doing excellent business for years. They are trustworthy and efficient at what they do. In case you have a beautiful home, and you wish to sell it, it is advised you reach out to them. Not only will your deal be hassle-free but also fast with these companies. 

However, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that your house should be in good condition. None of these companies will go ahead with their deals if your house is in poor condition. If you think your house needs repair work, make sure you do that first. Unless the house is in the desired condition, it will not have curb appeal. Finally, if that is the scenario, it would suggest you get your house listed on the Multiple Listing System (MLS).

So, you can simply sell your house in a very short period without facing any hassle! 

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