Demonstrate Your Personality with Custom Garden Flags

It’s been almost a century since the first flags were made, yet they remain as popular as ever. From printed flags to personalized garden flags, there are a number of reasons why people love these amazing pieces of textile artwork. Printed flags work perfect for any occasion and all seasons – from 4th of July to Christmas or going away party, birthday parties and weddings – you name it! They even make an excellent gift idea. Personalized garden flags can be used in your front yard, back yard or on the patio – really, anywhere where you want to express yourself! But one thing is certain – creating custom printed or personalized garden flag will make your space more inviting and unique.

Printed Flags Perfect for Any Occasion

If you are looking for garden flags, printed garden flags are the best choice. As mentioned, they can be used in all seasons and for virtually any occasion or event. From 4th of July to Christmas or going away party, birthday parties and weddings – printed garden flag will help you to create perfect outdoor space that reflects your personality! Printed garden flags come in great variety of colors like black, white, green, blue etc. Some garden flag manufacturers even offer matte finish – it gives classic look that stands out among other garden decorations. If you want your garden decor to sparkle at night time, choose lighted garden flag.

Personalized Garden Flags Are Great Alternative

Personalized garden flags may be a good alternative to printed garden flags if you prefer to be more unique and express your garden style with one-of-a-kind garden flag design. Personalized garden flag can also become a wonderful gift idea for garden lover! All garden flags come in huge variety of colors – from bright ones like red, green or blue to elegant black or brown color. Some garden flag manufacturers offer matte finish which is perfect if you want garden decor to look classic and stand out among other garden decorations. For the best personalized garden flag, choose custom garden flags .

Custom Garden Flags Best Way to Express Yourself

If you want your garden decor to be truly unique and special, we recommend choosing custom garden flag! You will have opportunity to create one-of-a kind garden art that expresses your personality and garden style. There are just so many possibilities – garden flags of garden plants, garden insects, garden butterflies and garden flowers… Name it! Along with garden flag design, you can include your name or text of whatever you want. You can choose from vast variety of garden flag colors such as blue, green, red or black to match your garden decor theme. We also offer matte finish which is perfect if you want garden flag to look classic and stand out among other garden decorations.


How long garden flag will last?

Depending on the quality garden flags, they can last up to 10+ years. The best garden flags are made with high quality fabric which is UV resistant and waterproof (no fading over time). Fabric prints are double-sided for longer life of garden flag.

What you have to know about garden flags?

Garden flags are generally 45″ wide by 28″ tall, but garden flag size may vary slightly depending on model. For example garden flag that has border around garden text or design will be bit larger – it depends on design itself. If you need custom garden flag size, please let us know during purchase process so we can adjust size before shipping if needed.

Garden flag pole is necessary?

Garden flag poles depend on garden flag design. For garden flags with garden text, garden border or garden clipart – no garden flag pole is needed. But if you order garden flag with garden photo, farm animals or garden house design, it will look best when paired with garden flag pole. Garden flag pole can come in different sizes and heights. It depends on your particular needs and where you want to display your new garden decor.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

No! We offer Free Shipping Worldwide already! If you live outside the USA, we will send our printed garden flags without additional fee using USPS First Class Mail Parcel service that will allow us to ship personalized outdoor decoration at a very affordable price.


Garden flags with garden text and garden clipart make great garden decoration for your garden, yard or front porch. Our garden flags come with garden border around garden text and garden flag clipart which makes the garden flag design standout among other garden decorations even more.

Elegant black or brown color will match any style of garden decor while bright garden flag colors will give garden a pop of color. If you want garden decor to look classic and stand out among other garden decorations, choose matte garden flags.

Best garden flags will last for many seasons at least 10+ years! Garden flags are very durable and weatherproof which makes them perfect garden decorations for your garden or front porch.

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