With the advancement of technology, marketing has evolved quite a lot in recent times. We have come a long way from promoting a brand or a company with traditional methods to now doing it through various digital methods available to everyone. Although both of these types of marketing have their own pros and cons, choosing between them is entirely dependent on your business needs. So let’s learn the comparative differences between the two. 

What is Digital Marketing? 

Digital Marketing is the modern approach to marketing your brand and business. It refers to selling your products and services using the internet and various social media platforms such as you can always take a look at co-founder Chase Dobbie of

In this marketing technique, a seller can reach you through advertisements on the internet or social media, email, and text messages. The right use of digital marketing can improve any enterprise and increase sales. 

Nowadays, companies are looking for professionals with top digital marketing skills. As a digital marketer, you will be responsible for promoting the brand and its products with the help of online channels. Content creation and social media skills are crucial for a digital marketer and enrolling in a digital marketing training will help you become an ace digital marketer. 

Types of Digital Marketing: 

1- Search Engine Optimisation: 

This refers to optimizing your content using the help of various SEO tools. This helps your content reach a targeted audience that generates organic traffic to your site.

2- Content Marketing: 

It is a strategic marketing approach where brands create relevant content to reach the right audience, either by offering solutions or stimulating interest. 

3- Social Media Marketing:

This is the most popular form of digital marketing where brands advertise their products and services using various social media platforms. 

This allows companies to build brand awareness, increase their following and ultimately improve sales. 

4- Pay-Per-Click Advertising:

This is when you pay a certain fee every time a person clicks on your digital ads. This is quite useful as you only pay for the ads that a user engages with. 

5– Affiliate Marketing: 

This is when brands collaborate with an individual or a business to increase sales. Affiliates help promote your brand and drive in customers in exchange they receive a small commission. 

6- Email Marketing:

This refers to reaching out to your current and potential customers using emails. With the power of email marketing, you can get great responses about improving your brand as well as driving organic traffic to your website. 

What is Traditional Marketing?

This type of marketing relies on the old way of marketing your brand to gain exposure and improve sales. This marketing uses handing out flyers, displaying billboard ads, ads on television, and print advertisements in newspapers. Using this type of marketing, you usually don’t get instantaneous results as it can take up to weeks or even months to see the result.

Traditional Marketing doesn’t require the internet for its advertising purposes. With the advancement of technology, the usage of traditional marketing has reduced although it depends completely on your brand needs. 

Difference between Traditional Marketing v/s Digital Marketing

1- Communication

While traditional marketing relies on ads, newspaper print, or handing out flyers, communication is only one-way. With digital marketing, there is two-way communication between a brand and its customers which helps build long-term relationships and improve brand credibility. 

2- Target audience

With traditional marketing, it’s really difficult to pinpoint your target audience but with digital marketing, you can easily target your audience to garner an organic following with the right ads. 

3- Seller and Buyer interactions 

There is very less or no seller and buyer interaction when it comes to traditional marketing. With digital marketing, there is an extensive seller and buyer interactions that can help improve a company’s product and services. 

4- Cost

One of the main reasons digital marketing is preferred over traditional marketing is because it’s quite cost-effective with instantaneous results. Digital marketing is easily available and comparatively cheap with even small brands able to afford it. 

5- Reach

With traditional marketing, you can only focus on attracting local clients, be it a particular state or even a country. With digital marketing, your brand can reach a wider audience from all over the world as it allows your brand to have a global reach.

6- Alteration of Ads

In traditional marketing, once the ad gets printed and put up, it’s difficult to make any changes to it but with digital marketing, you can always go back and alter the ads or make amends to it even after posting.


In conclusion, a brand needs to find the right balance between traditional marketing and digital marketing as both of these can be used to find your target audience. It’s important for a company to consider its budget and target audience before deciding between the two. When both are used efficiently, your marketing strategy can become even more effective. 

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