Does NPXS have a future?

It is difficult to imagine paying with cryptocurrencies in stores using terminals or payment cards. To send a transfer, pay for a purchase online or money exchange, with just two clicks on your smartphone. So far, this does not look like reality, but the Pundi X cryptocurrency, like Paytomat, where the Paytomat Wallet is present, has every chance of getting on the same level with money in its usual form.

Pundi X:  final word in the cryptocurrency world

At the very end of 2017, Wokoworks, which previously developed automated folders, started the Pundi X plan, aimed at increasing the popularity of digital currencies. In general, buying on the site should not cause significant difficulties.

To implement this idea, infrastructure was created from the following details:

  • the common blockchain is based on Ethereum, but operates within the Function X chain;
  • XWallet as portable software for storing money and making transfers;
  • XPASS card for payments contributes to the efficiency of online and offline settlements, being used in conjunction with the software;
  • the inside NPXS token, previously called PXS, allows fees to be paid.

The work is based on special technologies. After ordering, the entrepreneur installs the computer at his point. The buyer who downloaded the application can pay using the terminal, scan the QR code or use the card for amounts. The latter is specially ordered by the user. Payment takes place using digital and fiat currencies, and conversion takes place during the purchase or sale process.

Let’s give an example. If there is a dollar price for the product, the card will contain the inscription BTC. The method will automatically accept payment in bitcoins with the conversion rate now. A similar scheme is observed for paying utility bills in restaurants, buying tickets, etc. has an easy to use interface with two modes: beginner mode and advanced mode. In beginner mode, which is available for those who are just getting started with cryptocurrency trading, it gives guidance on how to choose coins to buy/sell by providing information about average price, percentage change in value over a time period etc.

Pundi x cryptocurrency is not just nice words, but a technology that has a right to exist. There are already 5,000 XPOS terminals in 20 countries. At the end of the year, the number may increase to 100 thousand copies. At the moment, there are over 20 thousand XWallet members. The developers envisage the creation of an extensive network of cryptocurrencies in the global space with the active combination of the scheme into the real economic system. The interest in Pundi X tokens is not surprising.

Investing in Pundi X: is it profitable?

According to npxs coin news, despite the small indicators, the price has recently increased by 180% at once. The Pudi X service has many strengths:

  1. Community help. The fact of a one-time vote by Binance members speaks of attractiveness in the eyes of investors. If you do not use XWallet or XPASS, you should expect the strengthening of the position of the altcoin.
  2. Developed road map. Until the year is over, the developers plan to increase the bandwidth of the network feature with the transition to the blockchain of the original type and the launch of XPhone sales. Internet as a promising and stable one. Pundi X is not just a transaction from a financial point of view, but also telephony with subsequent preservation.
  3. Quality business partnership.The list of pairs will be expanded in the future. The developers are collaborating with BitCapital to arrange XPOS shipments to South America.
  4. Well-functioning state regulation. The acceleration in token unlocking occurred to take NPXS holders out of the scope of the US Securities and Exchange Commission. SEC governors equate long-term dividends with taxable investment income. The developers updated KYC verification with increased application security to meet regulatory requirements.

An exhaustive software package, npxs cryptocurrency aimed at 100% operation of the system and its application in reality.

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