5 Effective Tools to Help You Increase Your Content Quality

Creating content is not that difficult but making it readable and engaging is the true task.

Readable content attracts the reader’s mind and makes him trustworthy of the writer. Similarly, on search engines, good-quality content can gain a high rank.

To make the content comprehensive and up to the mark, one can use many techniques and tools. Content enhancement techniques

5 Best Tools to Use for Content

On the internet, there are thousands of tools that are only one click away. Out of all these tools and techniques the best 5 and most used are as follows:


As the name indicates this tool is used for detecting plagiarism in the content. Plagiarism is the unauthorized use of someone’s material without giving credit to him.it can cause the cancellation of content or several types of penalties.

To refrain from these problems it is important to identify the plagiarism percentage of content. For this purpose, check-plagiarism is an effective plagiarism detector to be implemented

It is a free tool and has a friendly interface. You just have to insert your text or upload the file from the local storage. And it will highlight all the sentences that are copied. In its free version, you can check up to 2000 words in a single shot.

You can also eliminate URLs from the content through its advanced options. This software uses AI technology and compares every single sentence from its vast database of websites, articles, and blogs. Copied material is highlighted in red while unique in green.

It provides a list of matched URLs from which you can compare your content.it is a very fast and accurate tool that supports files of multiple formats. You can check up to 5 files at a time.

  • Prepostseo.com


This software is a bundled tool that can be used for free. Due to its advanced feature and multi-functionality, it is equally popular among students, blog writers, and professional writers.

An important tool of it that can be used to create credible and comprehensive content is the article rewriter tool. This word spinner used a thesaurus and AI technology to change the raw content into professionally written material. 

There are four modes in it i.e., simple, advanced, fluent, and creative.

 In the simple mode spelling and grammar mistakes are removed while in the other three modes broken sentences are removed or replaced with meaningful sentences. The complex words are changed to SEO-based words and easy synonyms.

To use this technique you just have to upload your file and it will spin it to form a new paraphrased content. You can compare the initial and final content side by side. You can spin any type of file such as PDF, Docs, etc.

It is a free tool and does not have a word limit. The final product is also 100% original and free from every kind of plagiarism.it is also a multilingual tool which means you can rewrite in different languages.

  • Quillbot.com


QuillBot is a bundled tool but it is famous for its efficient paraphrasing. This AI-based tool gives you seven different modes for paraphrasing.

These seven modes are standard, fluency, formal, simple, creative, expand and shorten. Some of the modes are available in the free version while some can be used in the paid version. All these modes are essential to make the material comprehensive.

Through standard and fluency mode you can set up the natural tone and remove all the errors from the material. In creative mode, the tool adds sentences that support the nature idea without being irrelevant.

If your content is too lengthy you can shorten it and similarly, you can expand it to gain the desired word limit.it gives you the total word and character count as well. This tool also provides Docs, Word, and Chrome extensions for easy access.

  • Editpad.org


This tool is very valuable for students as it provides them with the facility of text editing and note-making. To use this online notepad you just have to upload your file and it will edit it to form notes.

You can also do manual editing in this tool and can upload any file format.

This tool has countless features that make it unique. This tool proved word and character count with every file. While making notes eliminates all king of punctuation and grammar mistakes from the text.

The edited notes are paraphrased and summarized. To use this tool you don’t need any installation process. The edited note can be protected by its password setting. you can also share your file with the other users.

Edit pad helps in maintaining the originality of content and helps to make it error-free.it has a friendly interface in which clear instructions are given for usage. Moreover, it is free to use.

The tool is now developing a mobile application to provide easy access to the users.


This software provides the services of more than 215 tools to enhance content quality. As it is a combination of many different tools you can use you prefer one for your content.

The best part of this software is its free use. You can get facilities without spending a single penny. For content, the most important tools of it are a grammar checker, article rewriter, paraphrasing tool, plagiarism checker, and SEO checker.

It is based on AI technology having advanced algorithms that help to make the content SEO optimized and able of ranking. Plagiarism removal is sensitive for every kind of copied material.

Similarly, its paraphraser helps to add the keyword to the content which increases the content engagement and readability. For website content, its SEO checker is the best. SEO checker suggests all the keywords that can be added to website content.

It provides the keyword search volume so that the most relevant should be selected. This tool is secure and does not save anything in the database.


Above are the five best techniques that can remove every kind of plagiarism and mistake from your content. For making content precise and catchy these techniques are a must-have.

Every technique has its elements but the ultimate goal of all of them is to make the content reliable and presentable.

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