Everything you Need to Know About Influencer Marketing

You probably know what an influencer is and how it works. Influencer marketing is a form of advertising in which the business pays an influencer to promote products or services. It is through the influencer marketing platform that fans get influenced and end up buying the promoted product.

What is Influencer Marketing?

For seamless influencer marketing, there has to be a good relationship between the brand and the influencer. The role of the influencer is to promote the brand’s products via various social media platforms. It could be Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. However, you shouldn’t confuse influencing with celebrity endorsements. The latter involves attaching a celebrity’s name to the product, while the former is more about promoting the product.

The brand has to choose an influencer trusted by the community, and they should also have a big and loyal following. Additionally, the person should be well-knowledgeable and experienced about the product in question.

For instance, a makeup artist blogger on YouTube with knowledge of makeup and beauty products might be asked to advertise a new makeup brand. At times, the influencer might now have experience with the product, so they rely on what the brand says.

Different Types of Influencer marketing

Thanks to influencer marketing, brands are coming up with new product campaigns now and then. Below are some of the popular influencer marketing styles:

  • Social media collaborations – in this type of marketing, different influencers promote each other’s products. As a result, they also attract each other’s audience, who might become new followers or subscribers.
  • Affiliate marketing – the influencer gets paid whenever a customer buys a product or service via a unique link on their social media platform, blog or website.
  • Sponsored content – this is quite a common way of influencer marketing. For sponsored marketing, the brands prefer traditional media channels to come up with sponsored content. Others can also use a direct approach, such as hiring influencers or bloggers. This method is cost-effective compared to the others, and that’s why most brands prefer it. The brand pays the influencer for them to post the promotion on their profile.
  • Unboxing –in today’s world, more people are shifting to online shopping. Businesses have had to migrate into this modern way of shopping. For a business to flourish online, the owner has to remind customers that the shop exists through online advertising. One way of doing this is showing customers the product before purchasing it. The business does so by sending a product sample to an influencer, who then reviews it online.
  • Brand ambassadors – in this type of marketing, the brand partners with the influencer to create a social awareness message on their platforms. It could be through wearing or using their products. For example, a makeup brand will send a makeup artist their new product. The role of the influencer will be using the product and giving a review on their platform.

The Importance of Influencer Marketing

Before technological advancement, Television was the only way consumers used to get information about products. Nowadays, with the internet’s invention and social media’s popularity, consumers can view different products and services. Influencer marketing offers a solution to brands because they don’t have to compete with commercials on Television. All there is to do is use an influencer marketing platform for advertising all products and services. Advertising through these influencers allows the brand to promote via someone known by the community.


If you’re considering influencer marketing as a business, you should make the most of your budget. You have to research well before settling for one influencer. Remember. The influencer you choose should be relevant to your brand and have a strong following. They should also create valuable and relatable content to attract and retain customers.

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