Everything You Need to Know About the Design of Custom Feather Flags

When it comes to promotional signage, many business owners assume the stationary pole signs, wall signs, or hanging signs. But do you know that custom feather flags are also a great promotional method for businesses?

Visibility is one of the most important factors for any business. No one will be able to know about the products and services of your company if they don’t know how or where to find your business. Reports stated that more than 65% of potential customers mistakenly ignore a business just because they don’t find any type of promotional or advertising signage on the street. 

Losing potential customers in such a way would undoubtedly affect the growth of the business. Fortunately, flags and banners are capable of making the exterior of business inviting, professional, and fun. 

Printed signage, especially promotional feather flags is versatile and bright. Therefore, they are one of the most effective and affordable ways to promote your brand by enhancing visibility and attracting customers. Learn more about the design of custom feather flags. 

Design of the Feather Flags 

Feather flags come with unique designs that make them perfect for promoting the brand message of the business. Most feather flags are made of fabric strips printed on either side that increases their visibility. The bottom and the top of the feather flags are curved, developing an attractive shape that can capture the attention of potential customers in an instant. 

The design of the feather custom flags is capable of marketing your company for several reasons. First, they can resist moderate weather conditions. In situations where outdoor signage is damaged due to high wind or snow, the feather flags will remain intact while also promoting your business. Second, the feather flags are high stretchable. This means that your customers will be able to read the contact on the feather flag despite the harshness of the weather. Third, the fabric is printed on both sides of the flag. This means that people coming from each direction can read your flag without any problem. They can read brand message efficiently. As per Rock content, make sure you identify your audiences to crate perfect brand message

Even though other types of signage might seem overwhelming, the feather flags won’t cause such problems. While purchasing the feather flags, make sure you choose a large one as per the size of the event. This way, attendees can read them from a distance. Here are the top 3 shapes of feather flags. 

Classic Feather Flags

This is one of the most popular feather flags available in the market. The body shape of the classic feather flag is straight. However, the bottom and top curve of the feather flag is just like the tip of an original feather. Even though the flags of the feather flag have an appealing and balanced shape, the feather flags won’t taper dramatically. They will create a great area where you can showcase your brand logo without any problem. 

Teardrop Feather Flags 

Just like the name, the teardrop feather flags look like an upside-down teardrop. The top of this type of flag is rounded and plump. On the other hand, the tapers of the flag are pointed at the bottom. The design of the flagpole is unique and it curved over the entire surface of the flag, making the flags look like a teardrop. The construction of this flag increases its sustainability. The teardrop flags don’t wave on the wind as much as the other types of flags. Additionally, their surface area is smaller than the classic feather flags. 

Straight and Edge Feather Flags 

A straight flag not only has a rectangular bottom but a feather-shaped top. The edge of this type of flag is a simple rectangle. Both of these flags provide great surface area. However, they will wave in wind more than the classic feather flags. This fluttering can sometimes obstruct the promotional message written on them. 

Now you know different types of feather flags. However, this is not the end. There are other types of base styling options available for the feather flags. 

Ground Stakes 

The feather flags for outdoor promotional purposes often come with stakes and flagpoles that are pushed deep into the ground. One of the best benefits of this type of stake is its simplicity. Just stick the stake deep into the ground and your feather flag is ready to promote your business securely.

Augur Stakes 

The augur stakes screw into the soil deeply rather than slide in. This type of construction process of the stakes will provide an additional layer of stability. This will help your feather flag stray in an accurate position without facing any damage. 

Stackable Bases

These bases are one of the most convenient options available in the market. These stakes can be stacked one above another. This will help you increase the height of your feather flags by adding more stakes. These stakes are made of high-quality and durable plastics that will help you secure your feather flag tightly. You can also add extra weight by filling the bases with water or sand.   


This is everything you need to know about the design of the feather flags. Do you want high-quality feather flags to promote your business? Make sure you contact us. 

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