Five Problems People Could Face While Using a Betting Application

Those who don’t want to use their computers for online betting can enjoy their hobby on the go. To do that, punters must have a smartphone or a tablet and use a given operator’s mobile app or website. Since the mobile site is ready to use, some gamblers prefer to utilize its potential instead of downloading an app.

The mobile betting sites have some advantages over the apps, there is no arguing that. Yet, most apps have loads of things that make them special, which is why some punters are willing to go through the problems of downloading and installing them. Unfortunately, using a mobile app could also lead to a few other issues, so let’s go through them.

  • Your smartphone or tablet might not be able to handle the app

One of the first things people check before choosing a given mobile application is whether it will run on their device. If you look at this betting app section by Betenemy where you can find a lot of Android and iOS apps for casinos, you will see that all of them have low minimum requirements. Some of the best apps in the business require Android and iOS versions that are more than five years old.

While it is true that these betting apps will run on your device, once you start playing specific live casino games, you will probably face a lot of problems. Since these things demand more GPU and CPU power, your device might not be able to handle the pressure. This will result in random disconnects, overheating, and all sorts of other problems.

  • Some betting apps use too much mobile data

Another big problem of using mobile apps for online betting is the fact that they use too much mobile data. Even though some of the world’s best gambling applications are optimized to run smoothly, others need refinement. Hence, people who use some applications need loads of 4G and 5G data in order to bet on the go. That’s one of the reasons why some mobile betting operators offer unlimited data plans.

  • Betting apps require updates, which means you need storage space


Apart from the fact that most betting apps do not require a lot of system resources (at least on paper), they are also just a few MBs. Hence, people can download them even if they don’t have a lot of storage space on their phones and tablets. Although most apps are small in size, punters who check Betenemy’s section with casino betting apps for Android and iOS will see that most of them receive regular updates. Some of them fix popular bugs, whereas others add new content, which drastically increases the app’s size. This means that mobile bettors need to have a lot of free storage space on their devices.

  • The new updates might require you to have the latest version of Android and iOS

Another potential problem regarding the future app updates is that they might require you to have a specific version of Android or iOS to use them. Some developers prefer using the latest tech in the business, and they expect players to do the same. Unfortunately, most older Android phones and iPhones do not receive the newest updates. This means punters might have to get a new device if they want to utilize the new changes. Fortunately, this is not a problem for those who use the mobile website because it automatically receives the latest updates and doesn’t require you to install anything.

  • Bettors who don’t use Android and iOS probably won’t be able to download any apps

Let’s face it, Android and iOS are the most popular mobile operating systems globally. This means that almost everyone uses one of them, especially when it comes down to online casinos. As a result, most iGaming operators only develop apps for Android and iOS. Of course, this doesn’t mean some iGaming fans don’t use other types of OS, such as Windows.

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