Here’s how you keep your car ready for winter

Winter is harsh for motorists and their vehicles. Rain, snow, ice, and other fogs are all traps that can put your car to the test. In order to spend the winter in the best conditions, here are our tips for maintaining your vehicle.

Regularly check the condition of the engine 

In order to never break down in the middle of nowhere, it is better to regularly inspect the general condition of your vehicle. Starting with the engine, which is put to the test by the weather conditions and the drop in temperature.

To start, remember to regularly check all the engine levels. Coolant, windscreen washer, and oil are indeed essential elements for the proper functioning of your vehicle. If the level of either of these fluids is too low, it could very easily lead to mechanical problems (head gasket, expansion tank, etc.). It is therefore essential that these levels are at the maximum. Also, remember to take extra coolant and windshield washer fluid with you to be prepared for any eventuality. 

The battery is an essential element of the engine block as, without a battery, your vehicle will not start. Winter is a season that puts the batteries to the test and tends to discharge them more quickly. In order to overcome this problem, remember to regularly check the battery charge, as well as the terminals. Too much oxidation or slight loosening can indeed lead to charging problems.

Another point not to be overlooked in winter is the different lighting. In order to avoid accidents, it is important to see well, and above all, to be seen. Therefore, it is important that the headlights work optimally. So remember to change bulbs that are a little old, and carry spare bulbs with you at all times.

Take care of the bodywork


The exterior of the car, and the bodywork in particular, suffers greatly during the winter season. Temperatures that drop below zero and the saltiness of the roads are all elements that can very quickly damage the bodywork or the joints of the vehicle. In order to avoid any damage, it is important to maintain these elements carefully. To begin with, it is important to regularly clean the bodywork, especially if the roads have been salty.

Indeed, de-icing salt contains corrosive compounds that can very easily attack the paint and the bodywork itself. It is therefore necessary to wash your vehicle during the winter. To do this, you can of course go to a car wash, but you can also do this yourself, by hand using soft sponges, or with a pressure washer. Take care not to forget the sills, and to clean the rims which are the first to suffer from road salt. You can then apply a coat of wax or polish to ensure better protection. 

Seals are another element that suffers very easily from the rigors of winter. The rubber that composes them is indeed very sensitive to low temperatures, which can make them brittle. In order to properly protect your seals, you have many solutions at your disposal. For example, you can use glycerine or silicone to give them a protective layer that will save them from the cold. 

The last element not to be overlooked is the locks. While frozen locks aren’t a hazard to you or your vehicle, finding your locks frozen is extremely annoying. To prevent the locks from freezing, however, you can pour a little antifreeze into them. A simple and effective solution to an annoying problem.

Protect the car from the rigors of the night

The night is undoubtedly the worst time for your vehicle. The sudden drop in temperatures can indeed cause many problems. It is therefore important, in order to avoid any inconvenience, to prepare well for your arrival. For starters, you’ll need to think about protecting your windshield wipers.

An essential element for visibility in the event of snow or rain, the windscreen wipers suffer enormously during the winter period, due to the low temperatures which attack the rubber. In order to avoid most of the inconvenience linked to frost, you can, for example, raise your windscreen wipers every evening. This will prevent the blades from sticking to the windshield, and damaging them. You can also use corks to loosen them slightly, and get the same effect.

The other things that you should take care of are the gadgets inside your car. Some must-have tech accessories for your car like a mobile phone holder and others that will help you find your way in winters need to be mended if broken. However, there are several other benefits of a mobile phone holder for your car.


Also, remember to protect your windshield to avoid the hassle of defrosting. A simple solution to this problem is to cut a piece of cardboard to the dimensions of the latter and apply it every evening. This also allows, to a certain extent, to preserve the wipers. Another solution is to rub the inside and outside of the windows with newspaper to prevent the formation of frost.


To Conclude,

In winter there are a lot of things that you need to take care of. Not just the car and its parts, but the other electronic gadgets inside also need protection. Or do you want to replace every other gadget in your car after winter? No one wants to do that. We hope you keep your car ready for the winter the next time winter begins.

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