How and where to Pick Wholesale Swords Suppliers in the US?

People are aesthetic about the swords in the US as it symbolizes power, strength, authority, and protection. Well, swords are no longer part of battler and arm forces. Still, people buy a variety of swords for two reasons. First: they have a passion to have it due to the great history of swords. Second: it is commonly used in martial arts.

Is it hard to find a stock of wholesale swords that meets the customer’s demands? But we are here to help the wholesale business of swords. They will find the complete solution for picking the right wholesale sword suppliers for us. In the first part, we have provided some to buy higher quality swords and then provide our searched list of some quality suppliers for the swords in the US.

Tips to Buy Wholesale Swords in the US

·      Balance of Sword

It is the imperative quality of a sword to have balance. Whether it is real performance or practicing the player cannot win the situation without having a balancing sword. Ask the supplier to provide such swords otherwise provide an exchange or return policy for defaulted pieces. 

·      The Right Ratio of Flexibility and Hardness

The primary sword has 2 parts, hilt and bald. But both parts are further categorized into several parts like edge, fuller, the central ridge, points, etc. Some parts should be flexible while hardness is necessary for others. 

·      Material

The best material for the sword is high carbon steel while the hilt can have different materials. Make sure the supplier has quality material for the sword stock.

·      Versatility

Versatility in swords is also necessary as there are several types of swords like backsword, arming sword, broadsword, and long sword. 

·      Quality Supplier

Of course, the quality supplier is essential so that at a reasonable rate, timely response, easy access, and order are necessary factors for a quality supplier.

Some Top Options to Buy Wholesale Swords

·      True

True deals in several categories like axes & tomahawks, closeouts, knives, spears, ninja weapons, swords, etc. so, swords are available with a huge variety. They provide quality products and if the customers are not satisfied, they accept the return in 60 days. They have mentioned different shipping amounts for different order quantities. 

·      Medieval Collectible

Medieval collectibles have more than 60 years of experience. They provide their customers with an extensive range of products in amour, clothing, weaponry, home decors, and other categories. They have a wide range of swords under the weaponry for different brands. They work with national and international manufacturers to provide up to mark stock to us people.


Windlass has been working since 1943 it is a family-oriented business. Among their several categories, they also deal with armed swords and weapons. They have a manufacturing system in India while the warehouse and office work in America. They are engaged all over the world in their military products. Their unique and quality swords can be accessed through their online website. 


If you want to get a versatile range of swords, visit the They have a wider range of handmade swords. The swords that were famous in China and Japan are easily accessible from this online option.  Get the wholesale swords with up-to-mark quality from there.

·      Panther Wholesale

Panther wholesale trading company is another name for sword and knives and other weapon products. There is importing these products from other countries for a decade and then, providing to a local wholesaler. They have a minimum order value of $100, which is a good thing. the customer can test their swords by placing small orders. But they only deal with the registered wholesale business as they demand the tax-ID number.

With the help of the above information, you can buy the swords stock for reselling purposes easily. Moreover, these supplier options are easily accessible due to their online appearance. Instead of relying on these options we suggest searching for other options also before making a final decision about the wholesaler. Find out the supplier of other online wholesale platforms.

Make a comparative analysis of all of them before placing another. Do you have any other best option in your mind? Must share it with us to help others.

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