How Can I Make Friends Online by Random Chatting?

When you meet people through traditional ways, i.e. offline, we can’t really be sure if they are on the same page as us. What if they do not want to be friends with you? What if they already have many social relationships? The list of what-ifs could be too long. 

Nonetheless, traditional interactions can be very stringent in their scope. Now, as AI has evolved for the better, what if you could meet many people at once who are also seeking companionship like you? Yes, that’s possible. You can video chat strangers all day long without seeming needy. 

Emerald Chat: Best Way to make Friends

Emerald Chat is a very popular online chatting platform. As an online interface for users, it allows people to enjoy, interact and have fun with. So, you can completely rely upon this platform that comprises a cohort of users active on the platform to socialize.

If you already have a similar experience with Omegle Plus, Emerald Chat will still seem like a new concept. This is because the interface, the diligence, and the sheer perfection you get from this platform are superb.

Because of the ease and convenience of its usage, Emerald Chat enjoys an immense user base. There are many people who actively interact, have fun with, find companionships and even sometimes love Emerald Chat ometv

What makes Emerald Chat better than other platforms? There are actually a lot of fun features and components that set Emerald Chat aside from other online engagements. In this article, you will find the reasons why Emerald Chat enjoys unparalleled superiority when concerning random chats: 

With this enhanced element of fiction, chatting becomes so engaging and fun. This newly attained avatar, image, and even username give you a fresh twist to your identity. The users are also assigned a username. So, you will be known, seen, and recognized through your virtual identity.

Apart from this distinguishing factor, there are many other reasons that make Emerald Chat special chatroulette. Out of the many reasons, below are the major ones:

Chat Anonymously

Most people escape cam chatting sites because they are under an impression that they would need to share their real identity. This is not the case with Emerald chat because you do not need to share your personal or private information on this platform. 

You can be completely at ease on this platform and do not need to worry about the leakage of your personal information. You do not even need to register for using Emerald Chat. It works in a very seamless way. 

All that is needed to start using Emerald Chat is to provide access to your device’s camera. The moment this access is granted, you are free to use it. You can be conveniently using it, without hassles or any mandatory profile making. 

Role-Playing with Avatars

When using Emerald Chat, the fictional fun rendered through virtual avatar and fun username is really addictive. You can choose a virtual version of yourself on the platform and that can become your relevant identification. 

All this role-playing is fun without even revealing who you are. The component of fiction brings about some super fun. You can pretend to be someone and chat with people pretending to be someone else. It is a good way to momentarily escape the monotonous reality and be something you always wanted to be.

Karma Points

Emerald Chat also has a very active karma point system. This means that you will be able to have an idea about the person you are about to chat with. The karma points work on a review system. It is given by people who finish chatting with each other.

So, before initiating the chat, you can check the karma points of the person on the other side. If the points are high, it is a reflection that the person is good. If the points are low, it is a reflection that people have had bad experiences when chatting with the concerned person. 

When making new friends on Emerald Chat, you can always consider and preview their karma points to know that the person is good. If the karma points are low, you can skip the concerned person and just have fun with someone else.

Free Platform

Above all, the thing that makes Emerald Chat most interesting is the fact that it is a free platform. It is very decent in its features and services, which are free. Unlike other sites and applications that seek people to buy subscriptions, services, features, Emerald Chat functions easily.

It is a free platform and will not cost you anything. There will be no hidden charges or charges levied to use any specifically important features. You can feel free and liberated with the usage of this platform. 

Cosmopolitan User Base

Emerald Chat has a very cosmopolitan user base. People from around the world engage, communicate and flirt on this platform. You can meet an array of people immediately. You can skip and hop from one person to another.

Honestly, you can feel candid in your engagements. At no point will you feel judged or stereotyped on this platform. You can have fun, feel liberated and be honest in choosing whom you wish to interact with.

No Room for Loneliness

While there are a lot of chat rooms in Emerald Chat, there is definitely no room for loneliness. You can browse through the categories of topics available and partake in the discussions as and when you like.


If you wish to video chat strangers, Emerald Chat wins the race hands down. It is very communicative to a major extent. The ease you would have obtained with Omegle Plus will also be similar to the one you get here.

The user base of Emerald Chat is wide enough to incorporate different cultures and different aspirations for a chat. So, just sit back, relax and enjoy the abundant fun you are likely to have with Emerald Chat. You will get addicted to it in no time!

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