How Can You Make Your Corporate Clients Feel Special This Christmas?

The clientele comprises the lifeline of any business. Keeping one’s customers happy and satisfied is of immense importance. Efforts aimed at wowing customers should be in priority always, but even more greatly during the festive season when people are out to buy more than every other time of the year. Also, people are keen on what to shed off in the new year, and you should be careful not to be the one because careless and dumb service doesn’t appeal to your customers’ festive needs. 

How do you leave a gladsome impact on your clients during the festive season? It is not by trying to make yourself stand out over your competitors, but instead focusing on them. It will make you edge past your competitors, granting you a win-win.

The following are great ideas to make your corporate clients feel special this Christmas: 

  • Giving Them Gift Hampers Ideas

Gifting appeals to everyone and will always plant a smile on everyone’s face. As exciting as it is, people can be stranded when gifting them friends and loved ones. Having great stock for gift packaging will give your corporate clients a wow experience and make them purpose to come back. And you don’t have to be stranded anymore concerning hamper ideas because Purely Gourmet will customise everything to your taste and preference. 

  • Co-Payment Arrangements

Offers appeal to every rational customer, even those to whom money is no problem. Co-payment arrangements for your corporate clients this Christmas will be a great idea and a sure way to keep them faithful to your store. Co-payment ideas can come in the form of discounts where you sell a product lower than its market price. You can also try the buy one gets one free technique. Another exciting idea would be a discount tied to a given volume of orders. 

  • Doing Them a Thank-you Note

Thank you notes are not old-fashioned and will exert the same effect as they did with the older generation. Doing a thank you note to a client this Christmas will be a great idea to keep them glued to you and feel special. Remember, it is about them and not you, so leave your business card out of the question. Be specific about what you are thanking them for, e.g., referring a friend, et cetera. 

  • Exciting After-Sales Services

After-sales services can make a great difference this Christmas. Think of something you can do for your clients after making their purchases. Free shipment is exciting, especially as people are making rounds of purchases this Christmas. You can also offer free packaging services that ensure the safety of their order. 

  • Hosting an Event

The festive season is a time for events and parties. Hosting an event and inviting your corporate clients will make them feel respected and special and immediately register an opinion that you care. You don’t need to crack your head too much with this. A luncheon in a restaurant with a few essential individuals that can widen their circles will be a great way to make your clients feel special. You can also invite them to a charity collection and publish it on your website with their name.

  • Organizing a Client Only Raffle

A clients-only raffle would be the only way someone would get a gift this Christmas. You can invite them to your premises to participate in a raffle and hold a draw at different times to find the lucky winners. Your clients-only raffle could make a difference to your client and make their boxing day memorable. 

  • Buying Them a Ticket to Watch Their Favorite Sport

As they are being granted Christmas holidays, many people tend to have more time for leisure. Buying your corporate clients, a ticket to watch their favourite sport would be a spot-on impression that will leave them feeling special. This can be done in a kind of a raffle to avoid the mess of other clients asking why not them, and protecting yourself too because you cannot buy for everyone. 

  • Branded Souvenir

Foodstuffs are some of the in-demand products during the festive season. However, gifting your client a branded souvenir has a long-lasting permanence. You can reward customers who have patronised the brand a lot throughout the year by giving out branded souvenirs to them. You can think of a branded cup, a hoodie, a flash drive, et cetera. 

  • Spotlighting Them on the Social Media 

It is still debatable if there are people who don’t like attention. On average, many people feel good when they are recognised and praised for their impact. Spotlighting your corporate clients on social media this Christmas will make them feel special. Ensure you specify what they have done, like referrals or most orders.

  • Sticking to the Schedule

No client wants to be kept waiting this Christmas. People are planning many activities and trying to fit everything into the little they have been granted at work. You will make your clients feel special by sticking to the stated schedules with all the orders and engagements you will have with them this Christmas. 


When the Christmas season comes, the goal of a business must go beyond the traditional aim of creating and keeping a customer. Making your corporate clients feel special is a crucial goal to be mindful of during this festive season. This article has ten ideas to make your corporate clients feel special this Christmas.

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