How difficult is the AZ-900 exam? How many questions are on the AZ-900 exam?

If you are looking to prepare for Microsoft Azure Certification and are confused because you don’t have enough information about how hard the Azure exam can be and how many questions you are going to face in the exam then you are at the right place. Certifications play an important role in your way of finding the best cloud job. There are various other popular certifications available but this Azure certification has its own importance. 

Here, we will discuss how difficult this exam can be and how one can pass this exam easily.

The AZ-900 exam

If you are new to Azure or cloud and don’t know where to start then AZ-900 can prove to be your first step in the world of cloud certifications. Only getting Azure certification isn’t going to land you a new cloud job because this is an entry-level certification. Though, this is a great certification as it is only held by man handful of other certifications and it can be a key part of your efforts to start your cloud carrier.

But the question is how hard the AZ-900 exam can be? The answer to this question is that just like other cloud certifications, it is not that much difficult. By saying it does not mean, you get cocky. Passing this exam requires a high level of understanding of the services that Azure offers. If you have already passed and earned certification, then passing this exam will not be that much difficult for you.

Information about the exam

1. Questions: 40-80

2. Duration: 1.25 hours

3. Note: The number of questions can vary because a question can be a set of questions each having different points. 

4. Passing Score: 700 

How long do I need to prepare?

Many high-level certifications require a couple of years spent working on Azure but there is nothing that they are going to check about you before appearing in the exam. The duration of preparation varies from person to person but if you can spend a few hours a week for almost three months then it will not be that challenging for you. The AZ-900 exam is not in-depth, all you need to have is a proper understanding of all the services and topic areas assigned by Azure. There is no problem with whatever approach you take to prepare for the exam, just keep in mind to have a powerful understanding of what Azure is all about and what services they offer.

Resources for preparation

The best way to start your preparation for the exam is to start it with Microsoft’s official free learning materials. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) Full Course is the best learning material that most of the experts used and then mentioned in their interviews. One can also take the sessions online or can join groups for discussions, which is the best practice so far. There are many more helpful hints available for performing best in the exam and securing his certification. 

Practise test

After you feel prepared for the exam, make sure to solve different practice tests before appearing in the exam. There are many practice tests available online and one can solve the Azure 900 practice test for getting a brief experience of what he is going to face in the exam. These practice tests are divided into parts according to the exam format. One can check his weak points after solving these tests and then he can give more time to cover those weak points to perform well in the exam. 

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