How False News is Used to Control You

There is more fake news than real news today. The internet played an important role in the spread of this toxin, but our mainstream media is also not very clean. It’s not something that a spoiled teenager does to get online views. False news has a much bigger background and it is carefully planned. 

It is started and controlled by powerful people who want to make sure the public doesn’t go against them. If there is any power that can bring an entire government down, it’s a united public. If you are wondering why anyone would spread false news if he is already so powerful, this article has the answer. 

How False News is Used to Control You

Hide the Real News

One of the main reasons why they would start a false story is to hide the real news. When someone tries to get them by spreading awareness, they start a false news to hide themselves. They wouldn’t want their real actions to come to light. 

If they have done corruption or threatened someone, they wouldn’t want this to become news. A great way to keep themselves hidden is to confuse the public with different fake news. People won’t be able to come to one conclusion where there are so many stories going on. 

Change Your Perspective

No one can run a government with an iron fist in the twenty-first century. We can thank the internet that has made it much easier to communicate and spread messages. This is why today’s tyrants have to act as a hero to hide what they really are. Most countries are run by their armed forces or businessmen, but the general public considers them heroes who protect their borders and their economy. 

They control your perspective and how you see things through their news. If you want to learn about the realities behind what we see about each organization, community, culture, or profession, visit The Doe where people have anonymously discoursed the truth. 

Divert Your Attention

When they see that the public is coming close to a truth, they divert their attention through another news. You are unable to reach the important thing because the other news is so powerful. 

In many cases, powerful people and organizations have been alleged to make news engaging enough to get everyone’s attention. This could include blasts and shootings; people are unable to focus on corruption stories when they see something tragic happening. 

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Keep You Delusional

Main reason powerful people want to control the news is to keep you delusional. They want to keep you happy and in the dark through fake news. They will only run news that makes them heroes or makes you feel good.

Not being able to tell reality, you can’t even tell that you are being controlled. The modern day slavery is much smarter than what it was a few centuries ago. Today, they make you work for them and you consider it a privilege. Not only do you work, you strive to work harder and do more for their benefit. 

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