How gaming has changed since bingo moved online in 2003

How gaming has changed since bingo moved online, what’s significant about the year 2003? Crazy in Love by Beyoncé was one of the world’s most popular songs, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle was amongst the films keeping people entertained at the cinema.

How gaming has changed since bingo moved online

Bingo-Balls” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Digby fire dept

While these were important cultural moments, it was also the year bingo moved into the online sphere. Since then, gaming has changed massively, and technology has allowed classic games from our past to develop new audiences. Let’s explore how bingo and other have games have changed since 2003.

New types of games are constantly being created

Developers of online games have always utilized the technology available to make new games. There’s so much inspiration that we are constantly seeing new forms of bingo popping up online.

For example, you will see games based on hit TV shows likes Deal or No Deal and Britain’s Got Talent. The visuals on display in these games bring back memories and keep the game fresh.

Further, advancements in gaming technology have led to the development of Slingo, a game that combines elements of bingo and slots.

One of the most popular games under this banner is Slingo rainbow riches, a game that features stunning graphics alongside other interesting features. Sitting alongside it are many other Slingo games based on a plethora of themes, so you won’t be short of content to sample.

Almost 20 years of online bingo

Online bingo has the advantage of already having a huge customer base. In 2003, internet speeds were slower, but smartphones were on the verge of breaking into the mainstream. Today, millions of people regularly play online games like bingo on their phones or other devices. 

A further change since bingo moved online has been the sheer increase in competition. Almost every casino website will feature a strong bingo presence, meaning developers now need to make their creations stand out from a saturated crowd. 

Slot machines have also developed in this time. Originally an activity played in 1894, the classic slot now has an incredible amount of variations. The online versions have evolved and developed in a similar timeframe and feature a similarly large number of variations in themes.

What else were people playing in 2003?

The year was also the height of the PlayStation 2’s success. One of the most popular games in 2003 was Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It is a much-loved entry into one of the most successful gaming franchises. Like online bingo, it has evolved almost immeasurably to take advantage of the latest technology. The latest entries in the GTA series provide some very realistic visuals.

Back then, mobile gaming was also more simplistic. Games on devices now feature some incredible graphics, but they weren’t as advanced in the early noughties.

Remember playing snake on your commute to work around two decades ago? In 2022, you can now play an edition of the Call of Duty series whilst on the move. Graphics on mobile devices have improved more than we could have ever expected.

How will people look back at 2022?

Gaming habits have changed, but some things stay the same. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo still dominate the mainstream gaming markets. However, will the newer brands and franchises of today have the same longevity? Will people still be playing similar types of games?

There are also several game franchises that are constantly being reinvented. How gaming has changed since bingo moved online the types of bingo that people are playing now will almost certainly be completely different in 2042 and may develop in an even more intriguing way. We will have to wait and see how our gaming habits adapt with time.

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