How telematics can improve your driving safety

Driving safety is one of the most important things for all drivers, even more so when it comes to your car insurance.

It’s well regarded among most insurance providers, that the safer you are as a driver, the less likely you are to have an accident – and as a result, the lower your insurance premiums can be.

With this in mind, let’s look at one of the best types of car insurance that can help improve your driving safety – telematics insurance.

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What is telematics insurance for your car?

Telematics insurance is a modern type of car insurance that uses advanced technology to assess your safety as a driver, and allow your insurer to adjust your premiums based on this data.

Telematics insurance uses telecommunications (phone lines, cable, and cellular networks) to transmit the data to insurers. The technology that gathers the data can come in different forms, such as a chip that’s installed into your car windshield.

However, more advanced technology now allows you to have an app installed on your cell that gathers the data to transmit to your insurer.

The data collected can include your ability to stop in good time, how well you abide by speed limits, how often you drive, and how safely you execute turns and other maneuvers.

Using this data, your insurer will have a clear picture of your driving behaviors, and therefore be able to see how safe you are. In response, they can give a lower premium to drivers who are evidently displaying safe and cautious driving habits.

How can telematics help improve your driving safety?

Since safe driving can help save you money on your telematics insurance, here are some of the ways telematics can help you improve your safety as a driver:

  • Insights into your driving habits

The telematics technology will analyze various aspects of your driving and provide extensive data on how well you’re driving as a whole. 

Not only will this information determine your premium costs, but it can also give you insights into where you can improve in your driving, to potentially lower your premium even further.

For instance, you might find that you’re continuously stopping at stop lines at the last minute. In response, you can ensure you’re slowing down in good time when stopping, to avoid the likelihood of a collision.

  • Location-based tracking for your car

Telematics can also improve your safety as a driver, since your location is constantly tracked using global positioning system (GPS). 

Your GPS will always give you a clear pinpoint of your location, so if you’re involved in an accident – such as a collision with another car – you won’t need to worry about figuring out your location.

This way, you can have road assistance sent to you much quicker and to your exact location, increasing your safety when in an emergency situation.

  • Driving at safer times

Another way telematics can improve your safety is by encouraging you to drive at more optimal times of safety.

With certain insurers, you can receive a lower premium on your policy when your telematics shows that you’re avoiding driving at late hours when visibility is much lower.

This way, not only will you receive a discount on your premiums, but you’ll also be less likely to be involved in a collision, since you’ll be driving at times with peak road visibility.

Get your own telematics insurance policy now, to give yourself the highest level of driving safety, as well as discounted premiums for you and your vehicle.

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