How to Become a Professional Freelancer in Dubai

If you are looking for freelance work in the United Arab Emirates, then you have come to the right place. Freelance work in Dubai is the eighth-best option in the world, according to a recent survey. Dubai is one of the most attractive locations to become a professional freelancer in the world, with a number of benefits. Here are some tips to help you make the most of this lucrative profession in the United Arab Emirates.

Easy Freelance

For a successful career in freelancing, you need to have the right permit. In Dubai, the government has introduced an innovative license for freelancers in certain industries. This permits you to work for 2000 international companies within Dubai Airport Free Zone. Furthermore, the talent pass allows you to do freelance work in the mainland UAE. There are dozens of websites that offer freelance jobs every day. To find the best one, visit the site below.

For freelancing in Dubai, Wise multi-currency Borderless account is the right choice. With this account, you can have a local bank status in the EU, the UK, and the US. This way, you can receive money and send invoices in dozens of currencies. With this account, you can also create a free invoice template and use its independent contractor agreement template. This way, you can manage your own freelance business without worrying about licensing.


There are many advantages to working as a freelancer in Dubai. For one, you can establish a client base in the country. It also helps if you have a dual language proficiency – Arabic and English. If you know both languages, you will have double the benefits when dealing with international clients. KWS ME also provides business consultancy services in Dubai, including corporate checking account opening, product, and visa registration, and is obtaining a trade license Dubai.

As a freelancer, you must take care of your customers. Your positive feedback and reviews will help spread your business faster. You will be responsible for several different components of your business, including advertising, billing, and providing services. Some freelancers hire additional staff members to handle client communications. Others set aside dedicated time to respond to client needs. But whatever you choose to do, making sure your clients are your priority will go a long way in ensuring your business’s success.


If you’re looking for freelance work in Dubai, you’ve probably heard about Nabbesh. This freelance marketplace connects companies with talented freelancers. Its talent pool is handpicked and screened. Its focus is on emerging markets. In June, Nabbesh was acquired by Reed. The deal’s terms have not been disclosed. While the company’s mission is to help companies find talent, it is also a useful tool for those looking to get into the freelance work world.

Freelance work in Dubai is booming thanks to the UAE government’s support of the independent contractor industry. It is easier than ever to get a freelance license in the UAE. You can apply for a free license and find a job with ease using Nabbesh, which means “search” in Arabic. Nabbesh hosts nearly 20 thousand jobs and 100,000 freelancers. Design is the most popular skill being offered by freelancers on the site, followed by media and engineering.

UAQ Free Trade Zone

If you’re a freelancer looking to start a business in Dubai, the UAQ Free Trade Zone may be the perfect fit for you. This free zone offers many benefits to entrepreneurs, including fast set up, zero setup costs, and 100% ownership of your company. There are also zero-currency restrictions and an investor-friendly environment. UAQ is also one of the few free zones in the UAE with an industrial zone.

There are three types of licenses that you can apply for in the UAQ Free Trade Zone, depending on your needs. There are business licenses available for individuals and small businesses, so you can choose which one works best for you. If you’re a freelancer, you may opt for the freelancer permit. You’ll find the process easy and convenient. You don’t even have to visit the UAE to register your company.

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