How to Buy Red Leg Prawns – The Best Guide And Checklist

Prawns are some of the most popular seafood around the world, with red prawns one of the most popular types. If you like prawns but not their price tag, you’ll be happy to learn about red leg prawns. These smaller crustaceans offer all the flavors people love about prawns at a more affordable price.

How to Buy Red Leg Prawns

Red leg prawns are smaller than other types of prawn and have a deeper red color due to their carotenoid levels. They range in size from smaller than your pinky finger to as big as your thumb. Packed with flavor, these smaller crustaceans cost less than other types of similar quality. So if you’re looking for an alternative to larger and more expensive shrimp, read on for everything you need to know about buying red leg prawns.

Why are red leg prawns so affordable?

Red leg prawns are more affordable than other types of shrimp, but not just because they’re smaller. The reason for their affordability is that the level of carotenoids in them is very high, much higher than any other type of shrimp. Since most shrimp contain low to moderate levels of carotenoids (only 25-50%), red leg prawns can be sold at a lower price because it is possible to raise them with lower-cost artificial feed and produce more per batch.

How are red leg prawns raised?

Just like other shrimp, red leg prawns are grown in a farm. In most cases, the farm will raise them with artificial feed and produce greater yields per batch. However, in some cases, shrimp farmers may choose to use organic feed as well as natural ingredients (such as leaf and vegetable litter) that are less expensive than animal manure. The combination of these two methods is able to produce more per batch without having to invest too much money in their production.

Where are red leg prawns from?

The red leg prawn farming industry is centered in Southeast Asia, but given the global popularity of this crustacean, their production has spread to other countries. In countries like India, Vietnam, Indonesia and even Mexico you’ll find farms that supply the global market with red leg prawns.

Where are red leg prawns from

What is the difference between the Cyzmic Red and standard red shrimp?

The most obvious difference between Cyzmic Red and regular red shrimps is in their size: while standard red shrimps are smaller than a pinky finger as adults, Cyzmic Red can grow up to your thumb. The other major difference is in their price. Cyzmics are more costly than regular red shrimps because of their larger size and not just because of their carotenoid levels.

How much do Cyzmic Red cost?

Cyzmic Red shrimps are relatively new to the market and their price is tied to the demand for them. In some places, you may still be able to find them at a reasonable price, while in others, they’re already more expensive than standard red shrimp simply because of their size.

Buying red leg prawns can be a great way to get delicious red shrimp at a more affordable price. These crustaceans are delicious, healthy and their cost is less than that of other types of shrimp.

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