How to Choose Earphones: A Basic Guide for Beginners

Music and soundtracks make the atmosphere of any activity more pleasant. They make people effective while working out, cleaning, or performing some work tasks. But selecting the right earphones is challenging. Keep reading to simplify your choice. 

For Music at Home and in the Office

The main difference between these models is the sound quality through a wide range of frequencies and their balance. If you choose the right device for your music genre, you can immerse yourself in your tracks and hear every nuance. For example, headphones with rich bass are perfect for listening to hip-hop, but the pleasure of classical music is no longer complete. 

The most common headphones for music are full-size overhead models with a wire. They give the best sound quality, but at the expense of comfort: the wire and the massive cups restrict movement. However, there are alternatives. For example, full-size devices with Bluetooth connection or even vacuum earmolds. You can find the optimal combination of comfort and sound quality in any form factor.

Professional headphones, such as those used by sound engineers, are rarely suitable for everyday listening. Such devices have more serious requirements to the sound source. There are models that cannot be connected directly to a smartphone at all – you need amplifiers and advanced sound systems. 

You can start with budget models for a few thousand rubles. And gradually move up by purchasing higher-quality and more expensive headphones.

For Gaming, Movies, and Streaming

The specificity of gaming headphones is spatial sound. In expensive models it is provided by several drivers at once, in more affordable – computer software. Multichannel sound helps players to immerse themselves deeper into the atmosphere and better orientate themselves on the battlefield. Especially in online shooters: to win it is very important to know from which side the shot was fired, where are the footsteps, behind which corner breathes heavily dinosaur with laser guns. However, gaming headphones are useful even for those who enjoy playing easy games, like slots with TonyBet bonuses for Canadians and browser games.

Gaming headphones are most often full-size – they completely hide your ears and fit properly to the head. Large speakers give high-quality sound with deep bass and high resolution, and the dense ear cushions isolate the gamer from outside noise. There are models that fit in the ear canals, but there is not much choice among them.

Bluetooth headphones are more comfortable than wired headphones: cable will not prevent you from performing victory dances and running to the kitchen for sandwiches. But these models cost more than the classic ones. 

For Video Calls and Remote Lectures

Here everything is simple. Any headphones with a built-in microphone will do. For those who move around a lot, compact versions with Bluetooth would be better. 

For Music at the Gym

Any physical activity is more fun with a cheerful playlist. You need special headphones, adapted for sports activities. Channel earmuffs are best: they fit snugly in your ears and keep out outside noise. They are also cordless and highly protected against moisture and dust. The level of protection is indicated by the IPX marking. IPX2 is low protection, devices with IPX4 can not be afraid of sweat and splashes, with IPX6 you can bathe in the shower, and IPX8 is not afraid of immersion to a depth of 1 meter.

Another thing to consider is the type of headphones: separate or connected to each other by a wire shackle. The United is harder to lose if one earphone falls out. And they also have built-in players that give you independence from your smartphone.

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