How to Choose the Best Skateboard Wheels

There are several different types of skateboard wheels on the market today. However, a good wheel should not just be fast but should also be stable. Luckily, there are some great options out there. In this article, we’ll compare the Bones P6%, and Spitfire, as well as Caguama and Everland, which are a great choice for beginners and intermediate skaters alike. Let’s get started!


The size and shape of your Bones best skateboard wheels are very important to the way you ride your board. The smaller wheels are more compacted, and enable faster acceleration, but they have lower top speeds. Larger wheels are more durable and will not stop by every stone. Bones offers several size options. If you are still unsure about what size to buy, here are some tips to help you pick a wheel for your skateboard.


The latest release from Spitfire is the Formula Four series of best skateboard wheels, which come in seven different shapes. This series of wheels is characterized by its high abrasion resistance and reduced flat spots. It is perfect for technical street and park skating, with a focus on control and speed. Durometer rating is an intimidating concept to skaters, so we’ve broken it down for you to make the right choice for your needs.


If you’re looking for a new set of skateboard wheels, look no further than the Caguama. This set of wheels has been specially designed to be lightweight, durable, and roll as smooth as butter. They will help you maintain your speed in corners and are made of voluptuous urethane. The urethane also provides comfort and excellent roll speed. In addition, you can use these wheels on electric skateboards and longboards.


The Everland skateboard wheels come in different colors that you can choose from. These wheels are designed to withstand rough settings and provide the rider with increased grip and durability. These wheels are available in 78A hardness and have a square lip that helps to distribute weight evenly. The wheels have enough grip and durability and fit most bearings and trucks. You can also buy different colors to match your personal style. They have been a popular choice for many skateboarders over the years, so you can find one that matches your personal taste and style.

Sector 9 Butterballs

For those looking for a good freeride best skateboard wheels, Sector’s Butterballs are the best choice. Their formula is designed for sliding, which helps make them an excellent choice for freeride skating. They feature rounded lip profiles and a smooth hook up. These wheels are available in 70mm and 65mm sizes. If you want to upgrade your skateboard, you can always find Sector skateboard wheels at Warehouse Skateboards.

Santa Cruz

During the mid-1970s, NHS hired freelance artist Jim Phillips to create the iconic Road Rider Wheels logo. Jim went on to create the first Santa Cruz “slant” and “red dot” logos, as well as the Independent Trucks crosses and Screams Hand logo. These iconic designs have since become iconic and are used by Santa Cruz skateboarders. The original “Screaming Hand” design was reworked by Jim Phillips to represent the company’s ethos and values.

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