How to Create a Child’s Yahoo Account

Yahoo has a special program designed for How to Create a Child’s Yahoo Account under the age of 13, called a Yahoo Child Account. This account allows parents to monitor their child’s email messages and messenger contacts. The child account is linked to a parent’s existing Yahoo account, changing it into a Family Account.

Be sure to keep the family account password secure. If the child has the password, he may be able to make changes to the account without your permission. A valid credit card is required (for age verification) to set up a Yahoo Child Account.

Step 1

In order to create a family account on, you will first need to sign in or create a new account. This account will be used to monitor your child’s email. Once you have created the account, you can then add different family members and customize the settings to fit your needs.

Step 2

Follow the link to the Yahoo sign up page (see Resources below) to create a new email account for your child. You will need to be signed in to your Yahoo account. Enter your child’s name and date of birth, then create a login ID and password. Complete the “Captcha” puzzle and click “Create Account.” This will take you to the Yahoo Family Account page.

Step 3

Input your credit card number and billing address. Yahoo charges 50 cents to create a child’s email account. Click “Place Order and Create ID.”

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