How to Easily Unlock PDF Files With GogoPDF

What happens when you cannot open your PDF file? It can be a significant problem or a disaster for some. For example, due to several reasons, a user might forget the password for an encrypted file like a PDF. Then, either your day will be ruined by such an incident or use a solution that is very accessible on the web – the GogoPDF online tool.

This online utility can open and unlock your file instantly!

It features a PDF password remover that will enable you to unlock PDF files. Thus, allowing you to perform the necessary edit or modifications on your file.

So let’s see how to unlock a pdf with this online tool – GogoPDF.

How to Unlock a PDF Document

Step One: Choose the PDF from your computer, or you may drag and drop it into the PDF Password Remover area.

Step Two: Next, the process of removing the password will begin instantly. The tool will perform an overall decrypting of your file.

Step Three: Wait until the process is complete.

Step Four: When unlocking is finished, you may download the PDF file to the computer. Another option for you is sharing it on your social media accounts.

Handling a document when you forgot the password is undeniably a stressful situation. It creates frustrations and a lot of hassle for everyone. However, all problems have solutions, and a forgotten password is no exception. Unlock your PDF with GogoPDF and save yourself from the burden, hassles, and worries.

Why Use GogoPDF?

Be more confident and convinced about GogoPDF with these important points.

1. GogoPDF Quickly Removes Passwords

This tool swiftly removes passwords from your PDF files. With a stable internet connection and a reliable device removing passwords is easy as one, two, three. You only need to upload the PDF into the PDF Password Removal tool, and the process will begin immediately.

Indeed, GogoPDF is efficient, and dealing with a password-protected PDF file can be effortless. With a few clicks, users can unlock the password in minutes. Thus, removing all your troubles.

2. Compatibility With Major Operating Systems and Browsers

GogoPDF is 100 percent compatible with any of the following OS – Linux, Windows, and Mac. Moreover, this web-based tool can be opened using any of the most popular browsers – Google Chrome, Safari, and other browsers.

3. Cloud Storage

With GogoPDF, everything is done online and is saved in the Cloud. Thus, you can access and unlock PDF anytime and anywhere. The tool functions well whether you are using desktop or mobile browsers. Make sure you have an internet connection and you are good to go. Users do not need any software or app download or installation.

4. Privacy Policy

GogoPDF pays importance to the privacy of its users. Files that are uploaded and processed are automatically removed after one hour. Therefore, you can throw your worries into the bin. Your data and your files are secured with GogoPDF.

Indeed, GogoPDF is your ultimate solution for those forgotten passwords. First, however, one must take note of security restrictions. GogoPDF unlocks security permissions from owner-locked files. If the file is highly encrypted, a correct password is the only solution to opening it. It entails a more advanced processing tool for unlocking highly encrypted PDF files.

Other Tools on GogoPDF

1.Convert and Compress

This tool allows you to compress, repair, and convert to and from PDF files. Yes, GogoPDF can help you fix, transform, and minimize the file size of your PDF documents.

2.Split and Merge

GogoPDF also features a Split and Merge tool. With this one, you can separate and combine PDF files. GogoPDF squeezes several PDFs into a single file. In contrast, the Split tool enables you to extract specific pages to create a new PDF document.

3. View and Edit

While this View and Edit feature serves as a PDF Reader, users can edit, rotate and even delete pages from their PDF files. Moreover, users can number their PDF pages with this tool and share documents.

4. Sign and Security

GogoPDF enables you to secure your PDF with its Protect PDF feature. Add a password to your file so others cannot easily view and edit your content. In addition, the Unlock feature which we discussed in this article is under this tool. Add Watermark and eSign PDF are also very reliable tools from GogoPDF.


Do you need to unlock your PDF immediately or as soon as possible? Do you need a tool that has a straightforward process and can do such a task in minutes? Then, GogoPDF is the tool for you!

Unlock your PDF files, and if you forget your password again, just type – GogoPDF on your browser. And you can be sure that you’ll be saved from a lot of worries and troubles. It’s not only quick but also provides you with the highest level of security.

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