Fix Touch Screen Not Working Issue in Jeep Compass & Cherokee

Touch screen not working jeep compass fix, I thoroughly enjoyed driving around in the 2021 Jeep Compass for a month or so, but I was disappointed to find that my screen suddenly stopped working.

When I had first gotten it, Touch screen not working jeep compass fix I was enjoying all of the new amenities the Uconnect infotainment system provided and accessing various online games on my phone via Wi-Fi connect.

The Web Radio feature is also nice for listening to your favorite radio stations and podcasts as either a driver or passenger.

Unfortunately, Touch screen not working jeep compass fix there have been some reports indicating that many users have experienced touch screens failing to recognize presses due to poor quality adhesive between the display panel and backlight.

To that end, here are several possible fixes for when your touchscreen stops working in your next FCA vehicle with this system.

Touch screen not working jeep compass fix

The new generation of Jeep vehicles come equipped with an amazing infotainment system with a home screen that is easy to navigate and offers a user-friendly interface.

Compared to the older version of the Uconnect infotainment system, Touch screen not working jeep compass fix the latest iteration brings many changes like their updated UI which enhances the experience beyond what you might expect in terms of speed, responsiveness and ease of use.

As they are known for making dependable cars, it only makes sense that they made something great when it comes to updating tech within their vehicles.

My 2021 Jeep Compass’s touch screen started to freak me out one day when I was listening to music. As you all know, the new Compass has a dedicated “Screen Off” button that lets you turn off the touch screen.

I turned it off while listening to music and after doing so the music played for about 10 minutes. When I started my vehicle again, the infotainment system displayed the Jeep logo and then turned black instantly.

The touch screen didn’t work except for the cameras and 360° view features, Touch screen not working jeep compass fix which is something good because if it weren’t for those things then my entire car would have gone to waste.

At first, I thought it was just a mug problem. Tiny cracks had appeared, and the water started seeping in through them.

I tried starting my toaster oven again and again and stopping it once more hoping the touch screen not working problem would go away, but nothing at all happened.

Even when I pushed down hard on finger on her touch screen interface, there was no way out.

The infotainment system screen didn’t respond to feedback from the human touch which made me realize that her device must have been damaged internally.

Since the issue was specifically on hardware and only occurred at one point in time, Touch screen not working jeep compass fix I felt that it must be a software error.

In this case it may not have been apparent to the testing team what was going on with the touchscreen and camera during testing, so consider bringing them together when you close out this phase of testing.

If your Jeep infotainment system touch screen stops working properly, don’t rush off to the dealership to buy a brand new one.

There are some possible fixes you can use to try and get everything up and running again. The first option is to turn on your car’s ignition and then start off by going into your car settings.

From here, you should be able to restart your infotainment system. Touch screen not working jeep compass fix If this fails, then it’s necessary that you either reset or flush out the hardware in order for it to start working once more without any bugs occurring.

Fixing Touch Screen not Working on 2021 Jeep Compass

Since I own the Jeep 2021 Compass powered by Uconnect 5, the steps below are based on how to fix a touch screen that has turned black and is completely unresponsive.

However, if you’re rocking a new Jeep Trail hawk, Grand Cherokee, or Wrangler, then you can use these same tips to repair your blacked-out touch screen as well. jeep-compass-touch-screen-not-working 1

Method 1: Remove the Pen Drive

I usually keep a 32GB flash drive in my Jeep Compass and listen to music while I’m driving. If you use a flash drive to do the same sort of thing, it might behave poorly on your Uconnect system, though.

If the flash drive is already full of music files, for instance, Touch screen not working jeep compass fix it may possibly hang while trying to load.

A 16GB flash drive poses less of an issue but if you have tens of gigabytes worth of data on there, then you should try keeping around 50-60% of its storage free at all times.

If you are experiencing issues with your touch screen in your Jeep SUV, you may need to take a moment and remove your spare tire as it might be obstructing the control panel.

Take it inside, empty some space on its hard drive so that you can place files back onto the spare.

Place it back into the USB port on your vehicle and try starting your car again, hopefully this will solve any touchscreen issues while allowing you to listen to music or contact roadside assistance without an issue.

Method 2: Reset the Jeep Compass Touch Screen

How to easily reset the touchscreen on your Jeep Compass! You’ve probably noticed that your touchscreen is not working very well.

In fact, it’s a blank black screen. Touch screen not working jeep compass fix This is what you can do to fix the touchscreen and make sure it works the way it should again.

I assume that you have already paired your Android or iPhone with the Bluetooth system in your car when this first started happening – which may have been hours or even days ago.

  1. Use your Android or iOS device to make a call to any number when the engine of your Jeep Compass is running.
  2. Doing so will wake up the black touch screen for about 30 seconds.
  3. This is time to tap the Vehicle Settings icon located at the bottom of the screen.
  4. You should now be able to navigate to the Reset option under Settings.
  5. Tap on the Reset button and you would see a range of options listed there.
  6. Start with tapping the Restore Settings to Default option and select Yes when prompted to confirm your selection. jeep-compass-touch-screen-reset 2
  7. Then tap on Clear Personal Data and select Yes again. jeep-uconnect-clear-data 3

Now, turn the engine off and then back on after 60 seconds. If you’re experiencing an issue with the touchscreen in your affected Jeep model, it should start working again afterward.

If clearing the personal data on your device doesn’t fix the touch screen problem, you can try the Factory Reset option as a last resort.

Methods 3: Reset Uconnect System using Hardware Buttons

If you are not able to access the Uconnect settings, there is a way to reset your touch screen using hardware buttons, but bear in mind that this will erase everything on your Uconnect system and restore it to factory settings.

  1. Start your Jeep Compass in the Accessories Mode. Touch screen not working jeep compass fix You can do so simply by pressing the engine Start/Stop button without pressing the Brake pedal.
  2. Hold down the Volume button located under the rear surface of the steering wheel on the righthand side and the Enter/Browse (round) button located at the middle of the left-hand media controls. jeep-vehicle-steering-buttion 4
  3. You need to hold both the buttons simultaneously for about 10-15 seconds. The Uconnect system will reset and the touch screen of your Jeep Compass or Cherokee will turn back on.

One thing you want to keep in mind when it comes to Jeep vehicles is that not all of them will respond well to the same keys being pressed because they don’t use a universal system by any means and despite what one might think – this has nothing to do with quality or how much the vehicle was down at Fairway Steel Toyota.

For example, if your Jeep makes use of the CD-ROM button for navigation purposes, Touch screen not working jeep compass fix you’re going to be out of luck if you try pressing it for resetting your touch screen.

That said, below we have listed 3 different ways that your touch screen might be acting out. Touch screen not working jeep compass fix Follow these instructions and see if you can’t get things back in order:

  1. Put your jeep vehicle in the Accessories Mode by pressing the Start button without putting your feet on the Brake pedal.
  2. Before the Uconnect system fully boots, quickly press and hold the Green Phone and the Voice Command buttons for about 30 seconds.
  3. After that, release both the buttons.
  4. Now, press the Start/Stop button to turn off the Uconnect system. The touch screen will go black.
  5. Then open the driver-side door for about 30 seconds and close it.
  6. Finally, turn on the engine by pressing the Start button and the brake pedal.
  7. Wait until the Uconnect infotainment system boots up. The black touch screen issue should be fixed.

Method 4: Update the Uconnect Software

If the touch screen freezes up randomly and then coming back to normal after a while, Touch screen not working jeep compass fix it could be an indication that there is something unfixable with Uconnect or that the device needs to update its firmware.

The touchscreen not working on a Jeep may be fixed by either updating its software or reinstalling its firmware.

You can easily get your vehicle firmware up to date by visiting the official Uconnect Portal and entering your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

If you are told “Your software is up-to-date”, visit the nearest Jeep Service Center to get a fresh copy of the latest firmware installed by their engineers.

Method 5: Unplug and Replug the Fuses

Finally, there is a great tip that might help you fix an issue related to the touchscreen not working on your Jeep Compass or some other Jeep SUV.

If you tried all of the tips mentioned above and your problem was not solved, Touch screen not working jeep compass fix there might be an issue related to the electric supply that powers the Uconnect touch screen in your vehicle.

This is one last-ditch effort that should help some owners who are having issues with their devices malfunctioning in this manner.

Modern vehicles come with electrical systems that have to support a lot of different functions at the same time. Jeep vehicle’s electrical systems aren’t any different.

There are fuses throughout the vehicle to help ensure your power supply system works effectively. These fuses include ones to power things like memory seats, sunroofs, audio systems, headlights and the power liftgate too.

Over time, however, Touch screen not working jeep compass fix these fuses can get worn out and ultimately stop working effectively so make sure you work with expert technicians to inspect them as needed in order to avoid any problems.

  1. Jeep vehicles are fitted with their fuse boxes in the following locations: jeep-fuse-box 5
  2. Below the headlight and fog light control buttons compartment on the left side dash panel under the instrument panel. jeep-interior-fuse-box 6
  3. In the rear cargo or boot area.

You will find the F02 fuse behind the driver-side light control buttons, Touch screen not working jeep compass fix stowed in the same region as other controls directly related to lighting.

It’s clear in color with a slight bluish tint so you can easily identify it; simply pull it out and inspect its appearance to see if it is functional or damaged. jeep-compass-fuse 7

If your Jeep Compass or Cherokee’s touch screen stopped working, you should follow these three simple steps (and must not forget to keep track of the current time because otherwise you may have a hard time finding time to do it): 1.Pull out the F02 fuse from the fuse box, 2. Clean it and then 3. Plug it back in.

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