How to Get Started With Making Games?

There is such a stereotype – When someone says that he develops games without a team, everyone immediately imagines him as a programmer. In fact, the stereotype is not so far from the truth: most likely, the developer described above really knows how to program, but he may not consider himself a programmer.

After one game project with a stream of the entire development process, novice developers often write to me, ask something, show something, and complain about something. Recently I had to get into a dispute between two guys, where the topic of the dispute was: “What is cooler to know 3D modeling and game art 2d or programming if you are going to develop games?”. 

Become a Game developer

It is the first, or rather even the “zero” step that will make you immediately a game developer. These are not projects that you may already have behind you, not skills that you may have, but a simple but very important step: tell yourself, and at the same time the whole world, that you are a game developer.

As soon as the answer to the question of what you are doing – game development  thanks to unity game development services by Whimsy– settles down in your head, you will immediately become a game developer for yourself and those around you.

How do you say this to yourself and others?

I am sure that you already have some kind of profession. I am also sure that every day you visit websites / forums related to your profession, read blogs and maybe even books.

The first things to do to become a game developer:

  • Start visiting sites related to games and game development.
  • Subscribe to blogs from developers whose work you enjoy.
  • Buy a couple of books from the Kindle on Amazon, for example, about game design.

Everyone, you are a game developer. Indeed, an elementary step can give you access to such a “closed” profession as a game developer. True, without experience and regalia, but no one will dispute that you are a game developer.

Find a use for yourself as a game developer

Now that you can safely consider yourself a game developer, you need to find a use for yourself. Just as writers can be in two states: looking for an idea for a book, writing a book, so are developers: looking for a project, making a project. Sometimes, of course, they also support the project, but personally I always combine it with the process of finding a new one.

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The words “find a project” mean different for each game developer, here is a list of popular ways to find projects:

  1. find a project that is close in spirit, with an interesting idea, invest in it your skills and / or money, and maybe some other resources;
  2. take a couple of games and make a mix out of them;
  3. make a clone of the game, which can bring good profit;
  4. come up with a brilliant idea and try to find enthusiasts;
  5. make a remake of your favorite game;
  6. know how to code a video game.

You need to get out of the “project search” state as soon as possible, and it is desirable to get out of the “doing a project” state and make a project with chances for success: release and popularity.

This stage is the first check for a novice developer. It is very difficult to make a choice in the absence of experience, but fortunately, any choice will bring us experience and เว็บตรงพร้อมสูตร.

If you finished your first project as a game developer, chances are you were doing something wrong. Even an epileptoid will not be able to finish his first project, and by the first release he will have a couple (at least) frozen projects in his archive. This is normal. We learn from our mistakes, and not only idiots or those who do nothing make them. To learn to make games is no more a problem. 

But at some point, you will need to collect all your experience gained from trial and error, and, finally, make your first release.

Make a full release

When the past steps are behind: the release is behind you and you already have some experience, you want your hobby to grow into a real profession and a source of good, permanent income. Each developer understands that for this he needs a full-fledged release, not the one that we received from the second step, but a full-fledged release with a chance of success. Alas, the release from the last step is needed only for the feeling of victory, not success.

Making a full-fledged release is already a task with a million ways to solve it, and you will definitely have a solution by the time you have the opportunity to create it.

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