How to Hire Top-notch Speakers for Your Next Event

The success of any event rests on many shoulders, but the speakers you choose can truly make or break it. A captivating speaker can elevate a conference, seminar, or workshop from informative to inspiring. However, finding the perfect speaker requires careful planning and consideration. Here are five key steps to help you handpick the ideal personalities to light up your next event.

Define Your Objectives and Gain Insight into Your Audience

When hiring speakers for events, it extends beyond mere qualifications, it’s crucial to ascertain their ability to genuinely engage the audience. By carefully considering a speaker’s expertise and their ability to connect with the crowd, you can ensure your event leaves a lasting impression on everyone who attends. By clearly defining your objectives and understanding the makeup of your attendees, you’ll be able to target speakers who perfectly align with your event’s purpose and keep your audience engaged. By taking these steps, you ensure an authentically meaningful and unforgettable experience for every participant involved. 

Undertake Comprehensive Research and Assemble a Concise List of Potential Speakers

With a clear vision of your event’s goals and the audience, you’re hoping to engage, it’s time to find the perfect speakers. Dive into some research! Start by reading industry publications, attending related events, and tapping into your professional network. Look for speakers who are knowledgeable, charismatic, and experts in your field. Consider their area of expertise, their reputation, how they present themselves, and how well their topic aligns with your audience’s interests. Once you’ve identified a shortlist of potential speakers who tick all the boxes, reach out to them to see if they’re available and interested in sharing their insights at your event.

Assess Their Track Record and Gather Feedback

When choosing a speaker, it’s crucial to do your research. Talk to past event organizers and attendees to get their honest feedback. Seek out testimonials, reviews, or references that illuminate the speaker’s performance, the caliber of their content, and their capacity to engage with the audience. If available, review recordings of their presentations to grasp their speaking demeanor, delivery, and proficiency in conveying essential messages. A speaker with a history of delivering engaging and informative talks is more likely to make a real impact on your event and leave a lasting impression on your attendees.

Establish Expectations and Negotiate Terms

Once you’ve narrowed down your ideal speakers, it’s time to contact! Initiate contact with them and explore potential avenues for their involvement in your event through discussion. Be clear about your expectations for the talk, including the topic, presentation style, length of time, and who the audience will be. This step will aid in ensuring that the speaker’s expertise is closely aligned with the objectives of your event.  Be prepared to discuss things like their speaking fee, travel costs, and any accommodation they might need.  The aim is to achieve a mutually advantageous arrangement. Remember, popular speakers are often busy, so finalizing the details well in advance is key to securing them for your event.

Offer Support and Facilitate Feedback

Don’t leave your speakers hanging after you’ve booked them! Throughout the months preceding your event, provide consistent support as they refine their presentations.  Help them tailor their talks to perfectly match your event’s goals and the audience’s interests.  Provide them with all the relevant details, resources, and even promotional materials they might need. This will empower them to spread the word about their participation and connect with attendees even before and after the event. Remember, open communication is key.  Offer feedback throughout the process to ensure their content and delivery style align with your vision for the event. By fostering a true collaborative partnership with your speakers, you’ll significantly elevate the overall quality and success of your event.


Finding the perfect speaker for your next event isn’t a walk in the park. It takes some detective work, careful planning, and clear communication. The effort will be well worth it! By pinpointing exactly what you want your event to achieve, meticulously researching potential speakers, and ensuring they’re a perfect fit, you can create an event brimming with presentations that are both engaging and impactful. Remember, the right speaker can turn your event from good to great, leaving a lasting impression on your audience and making the whole thing a resounding success.

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