How to Set Up a Google Email Account

How to Set Up a Google Email Account provides a free web-based email account to interested users. Creating a Google email account also gives you access to other Google services such as Picasa, Blogger, Google Calendar and Google Groups.

Step 1

Go to the Goggle website.

Step 2

Click on “Mail” at the top of the screen to go to the Gmail page.

Step 3

Click on “Create an account” on the right side of the Gmail page.

Step 4

Please fill out the form with the required information, which includes your name, desired login name, password, a security question and answer, and an alternate email address. In addition, please select your country and fill in your birthday. Finally, type in the security code. Please be sure to read the Terms of Service, Program Policy and Privacy Policy before proceeding.

Step 5

Click on the button that says “I accept. Create my account.”

Step 6

After you create your Google account, you’ll receive a welcome email. In the email, there will be instructions on what you need to do next. Follow those directions and you’ll be all set.

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